Tiki Bar | Cantiere Art District

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Tiki Bar | Cantiere Art District — Veneto Secrets

Part of the Cantiere Art District, the Tiki Bar takes inspiration from the legendary cocktail bar Don the Beachcomber, a Hollywood cult of the 30s.

Located in a former industrial space and part of the Cantiere Gallery Art District, the Tiki Bar takes inspiration from legendary Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt. He, in the California of the 30s, invented the Don the Beachcomber, an innovative cocktail bar format designed to transport Americans to the paradisiacal atmospheres of the Polynesian islands, where Ernest had lived, learning all the secrets of rum…and not only that.

Don, who then legally changed his name to Donn Beach, after a wandering life as a true adventurer, settled down in Hollywood where he cleverly took advantage of the trend, born during the prohibition era, to go to exotic destinations to be able to drink in freedom. He successfully opens his own joint, in fact, proposing the same products and “scenarios” that were experienced on vacation, including fake birdsong sounds, palm trees and Hawaiian flower necklaces (so now you also know where the cocktail umbrellas come from!). The incredible success of the format also led him to collaborate with various film productions, as a consultant in tropical cultures, and to become friends with many celebrities of the time.

Tiki Bar | Cantiere Art District — Veneto Secrets
Tiki Bar | Cantiere Art District — Veneto Secrets

If you can’t get to paradise, I’ll bring it to you!

(Donn Beach, Tiki Bar’s founder)

A magical corner of Treviso, the Tiki Bar actually also has its own name, obviously Hawaiian, kahua kūkulu hale, which means “Cantiere”. An Instagram-friendly location, it is characterized, in the garden, by colorful walls covered with murals and dedications left by customers, and, in the indoor part, by a gigantic Hawaiian-style bar counter where a Tahitian wooden house has even been recreated.

For the food part, you can order from the Cantiere’s rich menu, including poké and Hawaiian dishes, while the drink list is based on a selection of premium rums to be tasted both alone and mixed. The venue’s expert bartenders are also available to prepare Tiki drinks just taylormade for you to satisfy every desire.

Tiki Bar | Cantiere Art District — Veneto Secrets

The Tiki Bar, as well as Cantiere Gallery, are designed to be experienced at any time of the day: the multifunctional space is, in fact, perfect for breakfast, coworking, business lunches, aperitifs and private events.

The place offers many activities ranging from live music to cooking classes: absolutely not to be missed are the world-famous Mexican evenings called Taco Tuesday: based on Mezcal, Tequila and Tacos…What else can you wish for in a warm summer evening?

The Secret

Donn came to open about twenty of Don The Beachcomber bars, riding a trend that influenced many movie stars of the time: how can we forget, for example, the film “Blue Hawaii” with Elvis Presley who developed a real obsession for the Tiki Bars’ trend.

Useful Info

Tiki Bar | Cantiere Art District
Viale della Repubblica 5
31020 Villorba, Treviso
Tel. +39 375 6252511

Cocktails: 8 — 19 euro 

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