Osterie Meccaniche (PD)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Osterie Meccaniche (PD) — Veneto Secrets

A unique place in the world, being the only restaurant that combines a long-standing love for vintage cars and motorcycles with a gourmet passion for the best Italian food. In fact, Osterie Meccaniche houses a real museum, where about fifteen cars and motorbikes are exhibited every month. Not just any model, but absolute icons of all time such as Diabolik’s Jaguar E-Type or the Ferrari 355 Berlinetta protagonist of the movie The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie.

A combination of Made in Italy motor design & food of top-notch quality thanks to the tradition carried on by the Legnaro family. Besides collecting vintage cars, the family, in fact, also owns a culinary legend of the Euganean Hills, the historical Trattoria Ballotta.

Federico and his cousin Massimiliano, together with his father Fabio, following their dreams and lifetime passions, opened the Osterie Meccaniche on November 16, 2018. With the help of an interior designer, they gave life to an amazing venue, completely built on the image and likeness of the legendary car workshops of the 70s.

The details as well as the furniture, all custom, are incredible: if recycled motorcycle lamps become lighting fixtures, second-hand changes were turned into hangers, the chairs’ cushions are real car seats, while the platforms on which cars and motorcycles are set up are designed like the car lifting equipment typical of the workshops that, rising mechanically, can also be used as tables.

Osterie Meccaniche (PD) — Veneto Secrets

Different models of both cars and motorbikes are exhibited every month, such as the Lancia Fulvia HF, the Mini Cooper 1300, the first Ford Model T from 1913 or the Model A from the ’32. Among the motorcycles, we can highlight the Borile entirely handmade by a craftsman from Vo’, the Moto Guzzi Falcone 250, and, of course, the legendary Vespa from the 60s.

The menu is equally refined, starting with the gourmet pizza, offered in 15 variations based on fresh seasonal ingredients and in 3 types of dough with flour type 1 Nero d’Ebano from Timilia, the ancient Sicilian wheat. The restaurant menu offers, on the other hand, various main courses and desserts for all tastes – also for vegetarians and gluten-free – such as the beef tartare show-cooked at the table, but also simpler cold meat cuts and cheeses selections produced by local artisans.

Drinking could only be as special: the stapler is made from a Harley Davidson 1340 engine and the beer, crafted by the Birrificio Antoniano Brewery, is produced with barley specially grown by the Legnaro family. The wine list is also very good with 180 labels including red, white, and bubbles with particular attention to the proposals of the area such as those of the Società Agricola Vignalta and Alla Costiera from Colli Euganei. Excellent also the cocktails to be paired with cicchetti (traditional Italian appetizers), such as 10w40, named after the engine oil, with licorice and limoncello, Stratos or Indianapolis based on the liqueurs of the local Luxardo company.

And for those who want to enjoy the thermal wonders of the area or the cultural treasures of the nearby Euganean Hills, Osterie Meccaniche also offers a fine Hostel with 11 rooms.

The Secret

The restaurant truly embodies the “motor history” of the Legnaro family: if you look carefully, the luminous applique on the ceiling are precisely the tracks with which Federico played as a child, as well as the little cars painted in a thousand colors hanging on the wall in the last room of the restaurant.

Useful Info

Osterie Meccaniche
Via Marzia 46
35031 Abano Terme, Padova
Tel. +39 049 8669070

Dishes: 6 — 18 euro
Pizzas: 8 — 15 euro

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