Nidaba (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Nidaba (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Beer, Peace & Love” and it is famous for being one of the most beautiful breweries in the world. Nidaba, in Montebelluna, was in fact one of the first places in Italy to combine quality beer with a gourmet cuisine that pays great attention to both the raw material quality and the food presentation.

Created in the 1980s from an idea of ​​the brothers and owners Daniela and Andrea, the name refers to the Babylonian goddess of wheat, protector of gal-bi-sag, the “beer” of the time. Over 25 draft beers, 5 of which are fixed and the other proposals in rotation, Nidaba offers over 200 different labels a year. Michele, a fine connoisseur, constantly finds and selects new products with a passion from the best craft beers, such as A Renna Glüh from the Loverbeer brewery which can be served hot as mulled wine.

The place is also a gin bar: you can choose among 50 different varieties, including infusions prepared by Nidaba with herbs from their botanical garden that give life to original gin recipes, such as the ones with rosebuds or bergamot. Also noteworthy is the choice of other spirits, among which a vast collection of whiskeys and rums stands out.

Nidaba (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The interiors, curated by the Art Director Franco Vendramin, are a mix of vintage military objects and memorabilia of the myths of American cinema, from Marilyn to Jackie, from Robert to Ernest, with a decidedly cool effect. The venue’s merchandise, from the menu to the labels up to the staff uniforms, in theme with the concept of the restaurant, are personally handled by Paolo, Daniela’s son, who translates the suggestions captured in his travels around the world into cool, sought-after design objects.

The restaurant’s menu is inspired by the best of street food prepared with a gourmet approach. Everything is artisanal, made with fresh ingredients that come from the best local suppliers and cooked at art. The meats come from the starred butcher Damini in Vicenza, the burgers are cooked in a Josper oven to give a special grilled flavor and the vegetables are cooked with techniques that enhance their taste, such as dehydration or fermentation. Among the specialties, in addition to the legendary hamburgers also offered with particular meats such as tripe, cuttlefish or eel, we can mention the fried foods, the sandwiches and the vegetarian and vegan recipes like Hummus made with vegetables, tofu balls and pine nuts.

Nidaba (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Ask for one of the tables near the spectacular bar counter, while, in the summer, you can eat in the beautiful summer garden. It opens only in the evening from 6pm.

The Secret

The Nidaba was once the tavern of Andrea and Daniela’s mother, then converted into a brewery in the mythical 80s to give vent to the two brothers’ great passion for beer and research cuisine.

Useful Info

Via Argine 15
31044 Montebelluna, Treviso
Tel. +39 0423 609937

Hamburger: 9,80 — 15 euro
Other courses: 9,50 — 16 euro
Dessert: 6 — 7,50 euro

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