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La Stezionetta (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
La Stezionetta (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The old little station of Borgo Pieve, in Castelfranco Veneto, has been transformed by chef Stefano Biasibetti into a modern osteria where homemade pasta coexists with rock accents, even in the kitchen!

The “Stezionetta”, a play on words that embodies its essence: an old abandoned station, the kitchen of chef Stefano Biasibetti, and a dream that comes true with the intelligent irony of those who study not for work but for play.

After experiences in haute cuisine in London and in his city, Castelfranco Veneto, in 2018 Stefano decides that it is time to create his world; a place where he can give life not only to his cuisine but also to be a manifesto of his lifestyle and his many passions, the lifeblood for his creativity in the kitchen.

La Stezionetta (TV) — Veneto Secrets
La Stezionetta (TV) — Veneto Secrets

I propose a simple cuisine, for simple people, but with great personality and taste.

(Stefano Biasibetti, chef)

Thus, not without sacrifices, he took over the old station of Borgo Pieve, near the Castelfranco station, and began its renovation until the opening of the osteria in 2020. With great insight, Stefano not only did not “hide” the proximity to the railway, but he studied a decor that enhanced its charm, from the logo, an old steam locomotive, to the details of the rooms.

The building, which until the first half of 1940 was used as a stall where commuters parked their bicycles and, later, as a beer depot, was severely bombed during the Second World War. The damage suffered transformed its declination: intended for food catering, in 1945 the first tavern was born there.

The timeless charm of the old station is made even more romantic by a vintage decor reminiscent of that of the taverns of the turn of the century characterized by wooden tables, photos and memorabilia on the walls, and the classic yellow placemats. Among the retro touches, we find toys and objects that tell the many passions of Stefano, from cinema to drawing (the beautiful pencil portraits hung on walls are drawn by the chef himself), up to rock music and American cars. In fact, is impossible not to notice the customized Silverado pickup parked in front of the Stezionetta or the resin Darth Vader statue laid on the bar counter.

La Stezionetta (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Stefano’s philosophy aims to make food traditions new and simple, together with that ironic touch that distinguishes his approach to life and that we find in the names of the dishes and, while respecting the original recipes, with the addition of unusual flavor combinations that the chef draws from exotic cuisines.

Among his recipes, all made up of a few, carefully selected ingredients, we find, for example, Irish scampi and raw shrimps with Ponzu and sage, fresh pasta tagliatelle with “my grandma’s ragù”, Uruguay beef steak with baked potatoes or Catalan lobster with vegetables.
The desserts deserve a separate mention, especially the Mou di STE, a salty caramel ice cream with hazelnut crumble and creamy dark chocolate, so loved by Stefano’s clientele that he has created even an Instagram page dedicated to it.

La Stezionetta (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Also, the wine list is not left to chance: the choice of selecting organic and biodynamic vineyards matches the philosophy of the restaurant. Excellent aperitifs are also served in the outdoor area, such as the Americano cocktail made with Fusetti bitter, while the main indoor room is reserved for lunches and dinners.

La Stezionetta is certainly one of the venues in Veneto that best combines stylish originality with high-level cuisine.

The Secret

Stefano wanted to recreate a sense of “home” in his restaurant, which is why many of the furnishings in the room belonged to the chef’s grandmother, to whom he was very attached, such as the wooden cupboard that displays the vintage black and white photo portraiting his elegant grandparents.

Useful Info

La Stezionetta
Borgo Pieve 109
31033 Castelfranco Veneto
Tel. +39 344 2746568

First courses: 8 — 12 euro
Second courses: 20 — 32 euro
Desserts: from 4 euro

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