In Marinetta Ittiturismo (RO)

by Clara Galanti
In Marinetta Ittiturismo (RO) — Veneto Secrets

Embraced by the blue waters, where the first branch of the Po Delta meets the sea of Rosolina, In Marinetta is one of the most enchanting restaurants in Veneto where gourmet cuisine and a timeless "à la marinière" style offer a truly unforgettable experience.

Immersed in one of the most spectacular lagoons of the Po Delta, among picturesque flocks of pink flamingos and fishing valleys, In Marinetta represents the highlight of a magnificent territory, that of MAB UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, rich in excellence to be discovered.

The area is, in fact, famous for many products: the Scardovari pink oysters, chosen by the best starred chefs in the world, the freshest sea and lagoon fish as well as the algae and herbaceous plants that grow very well here thanks to the brackish and fertile soils and the fossil dunes, the ancient border of the Adriatic Sea.

In Marinetta Ittiturismo (RO) — Veneto Secrets
In Marinetta Ittiturismo (RO) — Veneto Secrets

We like to tell our territory through the dishes, and our wineries through a bottle. This is how we promote our wonderful country.

(Marialuisa Coppola, AIS Sommelier)

The project was born in 2017 from the dream of four friends who decide to create a “den” for lovers of quality tout court. Thus, they chose one of the most iconic and evocative local areas, that located in front of the Marina di Albarella, and here they built the fascinating panoramic structure that now houses the restaurant.

After a journey through breathtaking views and postcard spots, as soon as you arrive to In Marinetta you are immediately welcomed by the owner Marialuisa, known by all as Isi, the female soul of the entire project, who is supported by a cheerful team of professionals, such as Ilaria, maître d’, who helps her in the guests’ management since day zero.

Every detail is dealt with great taste by Isi herself: from the fresh flowers that adorn the tables to the placemats in natural materials made by the Santandrea19 boutique in Padua, which specializes in home accessories and nautical textile projects. Since Isi is also a professional sommelier, the mise en place includes wine glasses exclusively from the Austrian brand Riedler, as the company that does not use any lead in the production of glass.

In Marinetta Ittiturismo (RO) — Veneto Secrets

Sustainability and promotion of the local ecosystem are the cornerstones of the philosophy behind the restaurant. Each aspect of the business has been developed according to it: from the decor to the choice of working exclusively with local suppliers, up to the creation of a territorial menu by the renowned Chef Cristian Mometti, who first developed the cooking pots technique and award-winning professional with important experience behind him.

In the menu, based on local fresh fish, we find classics such as Spaghetti with clams, strictly without shells, as well as revisited recipes such as “Absolute black”, tagliolini homemade pasta seasoned with cuttlefish ink and cuttlefish pieces served with refermented black garlic and caviar. Very recommended also the raw fish selection, the pink oysters and the seared eel with roasted leek and a Teriaki sauce prepared with Gin Caleri.

The Caleri gin is produced nearby Rosolina by a group of young distillers who use only green juniper berries, harvested by hand on the beach and the nearby pine forests in order to maintain the interesting brackish and resinous components that make it so special.

Homemade bread, breadsticks and focaccia are offered as an entrée together with a fragrant mono cultivar tasting oil that varies according to the chef’s inspiration. Furthermore, according to the dish, you can choose both the type of oil and the seasoning, thanks to a good selection of fruit, wine and balsamic bottles of vinegar of various vintages. In Marinetta, vegetables are also special as they are provided by Mrs. Lina who grows a vegetable garden exclusively for the restaurant. Here she produces also rare vegetables such as white aubergines, courgettes, and yellow datterini tomatoes, with which a special summer risotto is prepared.

In Marinetta Ittiturismo (RO) — Veneto Secrets

The wine list is truly exceptional, originally divided into sparkling wines, wines from the sea, wines from the hills and from the mountains, wines from the small islands and sweet “meditations”. Orchestrated with mastery by Isi, it includes national and territorial products with some forays abroad, especially in France. The selection prefers wines from small wineries located near the sea in sapid soils as they pair perfectly with fish dishes.

From May do not miss the opening of the Terrazza sul Mare; the beautiful terrace on the water of the restaurant that is animated by live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, just perfect to enjoy an aperitif tasting their typical Venetian “cicchetti” while admiring the sunset or sipping a cocktail after a romantic dinner.

The Secret

Three years ago Isi started a very special project: together with Tenuta Santa Lucia, a winery that works exclusively in biodynamics with local grapes, she has put 120 bottles of unfiltered classic method with Sangiovese and Albana grapes in a sealed box. Between December and January, the box was immersed in the cold waters of the lagoon and anchored right under In Marinetta. Lulled by waves and sea currents, the bottles rested for 6 months during which the wine yeasts continued to work thanks to the natural water remuage, thus creating a truly extraordinary sparkling wine. During this time, hundreds of mussels and shells got attached to the bottles, transforming them into true works of art that are now displayed In Marinetta.

Useful Info

In Marinetta Ittiturismo
Via Po di Levante 2a
45010 Rosolina, Rovigo
Tel. +39 345 0318387
(Open from March to January)

Appetizers: 20 — 45 euro
First courses: 20 — 28 euro
Second courses: 25 — 40 euro
Desserts: 8 — 12 euro
Cocktails: from 8 euro
(The cover charge includes homemade bread, breadsticks, tasting oil and small coffee pastries)

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