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Antica Amelia Bistrot (VR)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Antica Amelia Bistrot (VR) — Veneto Secrets

In the heart of Verona, in a 16th century building, the small bistro is the realm of the cook Micol Zorzella who, amidst antique furnishings and objects with an exotic soul, offers an elegant cuisine that combines her wandering and globetrotting soul with the best Scaliger tradition.

The history of Antica Amelia begins in Corte Sgarzerie more than a century ago, when Mrs. Amelia opens an inn which in the 1950s moves along the banks of the Adige river. Micol falls in love with this welcoming place with an ancient flavor and here she decides to start the adventure of chef and entrepreneur by taking over her business and thus giving her a new future.

In 2020, thanks to an occasion of fate, Micol moved the bistro, with all its baggage of objects and emotions, to its current location in the Sottoriva district, a Veronese area with a unique atmosphere, characterized by the presence of numerous vintage shops. And just in an old antiques atelier, Antica Amelia finds a new home.

Antica Amelia Bistrot (VR) — Veneto Secrets
Antica Amelia Bistrot (VR) — Veneto Secrets

Behind every recipe lies a childhood memory, an experience or a journey that I transform into new flavors and emotions for my guests.

(Micol Zorzella)

The renovation of the spaces marks a new, happy period of creative ferment for Micol which is reflected both in the beauty of the interiors, which she personally furnishes, and in her cuisine. The characteristic halls with wooden beams are, in fact, embellished with refined furnishings that come from every corner of the world: from the romantic Portobello Road to the Moroccan souks, from old Parisian bistros to family objects.

The heart of the restaurant is the suggestive dehors, which, sheltered by a 19th-century style iron structure, enchants with boho chic furnishings purchased from an Ibizan craftsman, eclectic Peacock Chairs and a suggestive wall covered with vintage dishes that come from the most famous vide-greniers of Europe.

Antica Amelia Bistrot (VR) — Veneto Secrets

In the kitchen, Micol’s recipes are inspired by those of her grandmother and the Veronese tradition, filtered by emotions, tastes and experiences acquired during her travels around the world. The result is contemporary and refined dishes that reflect the courage to play with simple ingredients and minimal processing to highlight individual flavours.

Like Manzo all’olio dell’Amelia, fine beef boiled for half a day in broth and extra virgin olive oil and served with green sauce, or the Pepe e Cacio pasta which uses a cow’s milk caciotta that comes from the mountains of nearby Lessinia and which testifies to the Micol’s attention to a short supply chain and fresh seasonal products.

Antica Amelia Bistrot (VR) — Veneto Secrets
Antica Amelia Bistrot (VR) — Veneto Secrets

When it comes to desserts Micol, and we with her, become a child again with La Cremeria: vanilla ice cream served soft and accompanied by many small silver bowls containing various delicacies, from chocolate to M&M’s to garnish as desired.
To end our “journey” in the magical world of Micol with coffees and digestives that remind us of the welcoming rites of Morocco, one of her favorite countries, or an excellent cocktail Amelia on the rocks based on Rare Wild Myrtle, Lime and Soda.

The Secret

Among the objects that recall the various exotic journeys, Micol has chosen as her lucky charm the characteristic porcelain elephants of various sizes that she now collects and buys around the world and which have found a home in every room of the bistro.

Useful Info

Antica Amelia
Vicolo Due Stelle 5
37121 Verona
Tel. +39 045 8008716

Main courses & pasta: 14 — 24 euro
Desserts: 7 — 12 euro
Cocktails: from 9 euro

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