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Trattoria Filippetto (VI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Trattoria Filippetto (VI) — Veneto Secrets

This is probably the most “secret” place in Veneto. So secret that there is no sign, it is not listed in any guide, there is no signal in the area…and it does not observe fixed opening hours except those that decide the owner week by week. Having said that, it is rumoured to be the favorite place of the greatest entrepreneurs in the Veneto region and that “bodyguards” are at home here. So what is its secret? Simply, a heavenly home-cooking and a cosy atmosphere that has magically remained the same as 160 years ago when the place was founded by Filippetto.

The real fame comes, however, thanks to Camillo Curioni, a famous primary care doctor and fine gastronome, who brings the then-owner Marsilia Cocco, a great cook, to the heights of haute cuisine, introducing what had become his second home to his illustrious acquaintances. Today is the daughter Bianca, the last heir of the family, as she is keen to underline, to manage the restaurant and delight her guests with her amazing recipes.

Trattoria Filippetto (VI) — Veneto Secrets

Inside the Trattoria there are two rooms; a smaller one and the “master” one which is highly contented in order to be able to show off the status of “regular” of the place. Here, by the huge fireplace, the formidable cook Bianca acts as a skilled hostess, cooking wonders on the picturesque wood stove kitchen to the happiness of the guests who can enjoy this unusual cooking show. On the walls old dishes, photos of her grandfather during the First World War, paintings given by loyal customers, calendars frozen still in the 90s and many posters from the Academy of Italian Cuisine.

Besides the great homemade cuisine, the real pampering comes after each course when Bianca, just like grandma would, will ask you if everything was ok, ready to serve you another spoonful or leave you the “terrine” to finish off, happy to see her guests leaving the Trattoria always (very) satisfied and (always) smiling. A magic that is worth a trip.

The Secret

Don’t be fooled by the reassuring apron: you can’t mess with Bianca. The owner has, in fact, a degree in law in Padua obtained with 110 cum laude and a notary’s apprenticeship.

Useful Info

Trattoria Filippetto
Via Peschiera dei Muzzi 43
36050 Sovizzo, Vicenza
Tel. +39 0444 379020

Fixed menu: 40 — 45 euro

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