Osteria dai Mazzeri (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Osteria dai Mazzeri (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The restaurant Dai Mazzeri, located in Follina, is a den for artists where, surrounded by artworks and cozy lampshades, you can eat here traditional Venetian dishes immersed in a warm family atmosphere. Thanks to a great love for their land and its heritage of the brothers Mauro and Vito Mazzero (this is where the name “Dai Mazzeri” comes from), descendants of Lino Toffolin of the famous restaurant Solighetto, painters and poets just feel at home at the Osteria. The stone walls and beamed ceilings typical of this area are, in fact, enriched by many art installations that change according to the exhibitions hosted.

After managing Al Caminetto for years, the two brothers, looking after respectively the restaurant room and the kitchen, opened the Osteria in 2006 with the aim of promoting both the flavors of their homeland and its artistic and manufacturing traditions. The walls of the rooms are covered with many pieces of art, such as the original “door” by the painter Francesco Nardi that decorates the ceiling of the entrance hall, or the beautiful lamp made with colored filters taken from photographer Giovanni Da Broi’s cameras.

Osteria dai Mazzeri (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The restaurant is also famous for organizing themed evenings and events in homage to local artists, such as Matteo Massagrande, Giuseppe Puglisi, Piero Zuccaro, Piero Vignozzi, Franco Sarnari, Piero Guccione, Francesco Michelin, and the art curator Marco Goldin. Among the many art objects, you will notice the colored wool rolls, an original promotion of the nearby Lanificio Paoletti, a jewel of industrial archeology, dated back to 1795 (which produces wool for Chanel and Lanvin!) which we absolutely recommend for a private visit. In fact, Follina has a remarkable textile heritage, just think that the toponym “Follina” itself derives from the name of a machine for finishing wool, the “follone”.

Osteria dai Mazzeri (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The Mazzeri’s cuisine is a real guarantee of authenticity: solid, straightforward, and based on seasonal ingredients. The menu offers the very best of the local products such as mushrooms and chestnuts from the nearby hills, beans from Lamon, castraure (special artichokes) from Sant’Erasmo, radicchio from Treviso, asparagus from Cimadolmo or wild herbs from Slow Food presidia or procured directly from small producers. Everything is homemade with passion and accompanied by a wide selection of local wines, just ask Mauro for advice.

In summer it is recommended to book a table in the wonderful garden embellished with flowers and colorful pieces of art, the ideal place for a quality break just one step away from the famous Prosecco Hills.

The Secret

When visiting the Osteria for the first time, you will be amazed by the contrast between the entrance, almost hidden in the modern facade of the building that houses the restaurant, and the charme of the interiors with wooden beams and stone walls that suggest a much more important history. Curiously, in fact, the actual access is from the back of the original building, dating back to 1704, that was the ancient Town Hall of Follina.

Useful Info

Osteria dai Mazzeri
Via Pallade 18
31051 Follina, Treviso
Tel. +39 0438 971255

Starters and first courses: 12 — 30 euro
Second courses: 18 — 20 euro

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