Osteria alla Chiesa (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Osteria alla Chiesa (TV) — Veneto Secrets

If you take the road that crosses the beautiful hills a few kilometers north of Asolo, the magic is felt even before reaching Monfumo, thanks to the beautiful landscape. Then, when you finally arrive in the center of the tiny village, one cannot help but be fascinated by this small illuminated house, more than 200 years old, with red balconies and a climbing plant that frames the old inscription “Osteria alla Chiesa” like in a painting. Born as the main inn of the town, on the facade you can still see the round symbol of the noble Raselli family who “reigned” in the Asolo area in the 1930s.

Osteria alla Chiesa (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The Osteria is now the “home” of Giada and Claudio Gazzola, the latter being one of the most talented chefs in Veneto. To pay homage to the tradition of the country of origin of Claudio, Riese Pio X (famous for the donkey race), Osteria alla Chiesa is the only restaurant in Veneto to offer donkey meat in a gourmet version as a specialty. The tasting menu, with an excellent quality/price ratio (40 euro cover charge included, drinks not included), includes, for example, the “fusion” donkey tartare and the donkey milk dessert. A real must-try, so do not be surprised if you hear the foodies at the table next to you proudly order “due mussi” (donkey in Venetian dialect), meaning precisely two menus based on the meat of this animal.

Osteria alla Chiesa (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The à la carte menu is also excellent, offering creative dishes with a great balance between form and substance, ideal for those who love food and wine tours that combine taste and tradition, with explosions of brilliantly inspired flavor and impeccable service.

On the ground floor, the restaurant opens with the typical bar counter of the taverns of the past, while on the first floor the atmosphere is that of an old inn with a beautiful original wooden staircase and traditional rural furnishings.
In the summer, we recommend eating on the restaurant’s suggestive terrace.

The Secret

Claudio is an enthusiastic self-taught chef who cooks incredibly instinctively, creating dishes that mix great creativity with obsessive care in the search for ingredients that ensure maximum flavor while respecting the most natural methods of breeding and cultivation…Simply, in a word, an Artist.

Useful Info

Osteria alla Chiesa
Via Chiesa 14
31010 Monfumo, Treviso
Tel. +39 0423 969584

First courses: 13 — 15 euro
Second courses: 15 — 25 euro
Tasting menu: starting from 50 euro, drinks excluded

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