Osteria al Castelletto da Clemi (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Osteria al Castelletto da Clemi (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Osteria Al Castelletto has been a landmark in the Veneto culinary scene since 1977, renowned for the cosy family atmosphere and the traditional homemade cuisine orchestrated by its legendary cook and hostess Clementina Viezzer, affectionally called “Clemi” by her loyal clientele.

Since the 15th century the Osteria, part of the defensive complex of the Counts Brandolini, feudal lords of the valley until the end of the 18th century, served as a rest stop for travelers and horse carriages. Its “noble” past is still proudly reflected in the chic interiors where the walls painted in white and red stripes, distinctive colors of the Brandolini’s coat of arms, are matched with fine details such as the colorful striped tablecloth, hand-embroidered pillows, and antique paintings and memorabilia.

Osteria al Castelletto da Clemi (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The cuisine offers typical Venetian dishes based on seasonal products from local vegetable gardens and farms such as the spit-roasting meat cooked in the magnificent fireplace, risotto and pasta mains, and the renowned appetizer tasting menu. A culinary journey of about 12 courses, it includes the cook’s signature dishes such Polenta with burrata and soppressa, veal meatballs, Baccalà croutons, and Radicchio di Treviso rolls. A unique opportunity to taste the ancient recipes that Clementina used to serve on feast days in the houses of the noble families from the area.

The wine list, curated by Clementina’s nephew, Nicolò Bof, offers the best wines from Veneto, including the house wines – Sparkling Prosecco, still white wine, Merlot-Cabernet red wine – that are self-produced in the 7 hectares of organic vineyards surrounding the Osteria.

Osteria al Castelletto da Clemi (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Very well attended, the Osteria al Castelletto has conquered over the year an important clientele who competes, especially at the weekend, to book a table in the main room next to the huge fireplace or in the beautiful back garden. Here, there is also an original gazebo, where stripes are once again protagonists, originally built to accommodate the huge stone fireplace that was once given to Clementina as a gift, and that has now become one of the chicest locations for private parties in Veneto.

The Secret

Clementina personally takes care of fresh flowers for her restaurant every day in honor of her father, who worked as a gardener at the nearby Brandolini counts’ estate, who handed down this passion to her (although, luckily for us, she then preferred to pursue the career of cook).

Useful Info

Osteria al Castelletto da Clemi
Via Castelletto 3
31051 Pedeguarda di Follina, Treviso
Tel. +39 0438 842484

First courses: 10 — 14 euro
Second courses: 15 — 22 euro
Mixed appetizer menu: 34 euro per person

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