Luna Sentada (VE)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Luna Sentada (VE) — Veneto Secrets

In 1295 Messer Marco Polo is on the galley that takes him back to Venice, his native land, rich in his heart with that multicultural oriental treasure that has contributed to increasing the cosmopolitan charm of the lagoon city over the years. Luna Sentada is inspired by him and the many merchants, sailors, and adventurers that has made the fortune of the Lagoon city.

Located in Campo San Severo near Piazza San Marco, hidden enough not to be affected by mass tourist flows, the little restaurant’s name derives from an old Venetian saying, “Luna Sentada, Mariner in Pie” because, when the moon is waning, the sea is generally calm and therefore optimal for sailors who can stand on the deck of the boat.

Luna Sentada (VE) — Veneto Secrets

The interiors are a romantic union between East and West characterized by 18th-century Venetian chairs, colonial doors from Jakarta, ancient ethnic lanterns, and maps reproducing the adventurous itineraries of Marco Polo.

The cuisine is Mediterranean, a gastronomic journey that starts from Venice and touches different culinary traditions inspired by the many flavors, spices and ingredients used in China and in the countries of Southeast Asia. So in the menu, based on very fresh fish, we find dishes such as codfish with fried polenta, scallops au gratin with leek and thyme, buckwheat noodles with prawns and Thai vegetables, fish just cooked at the moment serves on a plate of Himalayan salt and, of course, a great tiramisù. Everything is homemade and the main ingredient is always the smile with which Lorenzo Cipolla, the chef, and Alfredo Vescovi, the restaurant manager, welcome their guests.

Luna Sentada (VE) — Veneto Secrets

The wine list ranges from Venetian labels to national and foreign proposals with a particular preference for organic and biodynamic producers. The selection of craft beers is also good. And if you feel like having an aperitif before dinner, you can stop at the Wine Bar 5000 (which takes its name from its lucky house number), located right in front of the restaurant and owned by the same 4 friends who also managed Luna Sentada.

In the summer, you can dine by candlelight in the romantic Campo San Severo, lulled by the numerous gondolas that glide slowly in the homonymous canal heading towards the picturesque Rio di San Provoio.

The Secret

The walls of the restaurant’s main room are embellished with various and original works of art: the painting above the entrance door bears the date II IV MMXI which refers to the day of Luna Sentada’s opening on April 2, 2011, while the original painting at the entrance on the left, entitled “Bosco di Bugie” (with dozens of wooden Pinocchio noses) was made by Micael Nordio, one of the owners.

Useful Info

Luna Sentada
Campo San Severo 5018
30122 Venezia
Tel. +39 041 3097891

First courses: 15 — 19 euro
Second courses: 23 — 28 euro

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