Locanda San Martino (BL)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets

In the heart of Alpago, an oasis of uncontaminated nature, an ancient inn, managed by the Barattin-Pedol family since 1952, has been transformed into a renowned gastronomic destination, with a romantic view of the mountains that surround it, thanks to the partnership with chef Paolo Speranzon.

Alpago, at the gates of the Belluno Prealps, has always been synonymous with green expanses, delicious products and bucolic farms. In the heart of this generous territory, since 1952 the Barattin-Pedol family has been at the helm of Locanda San Martino, located in the center of the village of the same name, a hamlet of Chies d’Alpago.

A place that has not stopped, since its birth as a tavern at the end of the 19th century, being a point of reference in the country for good food but also for a chat with local friends. Parallel to this vocation of sincere hospitality, since the 1990s the Locanda began a gourmand journey which was crowned in 2020 with the arrival of chef Paolo Speranzon in the kitchen and Alberto Zoppè as maitre d’ and sommelier.

Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets
Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets

Our Inn has always aimed to enhance the dishes and culture of the Alpagota tradition in all its forms.

An evolution that continues in the name of the Locanda’s philosophy: enhancing the taste of typical local products by focusing on a very short supply chain and respect for the rhythms of nature. In fact, the meats, in particular the renowned Alpago lamb, the cured meats, the vegetables and the eggs have always been produced on the family farm, which is located not far from the restaurant. While the other ingredients are the result of a careful choice of sustainable proximity, such as scampi from the Adriatic or asparagus from Badoere.

The starting point of each dish is “grandmother’s cooking”, exploded in taste and lightness thanks to modern haute cuisine techniques. So the menu never lacks the traditional dishes, such as baked lamb, tagliatelle with venison ragout or a starter of homemade cured meats, combined with more creative recipes such as spaghetti with beetroot, butter, anchovies and prawns marinated in lime or grilled kid ravioli, broad beans, asparagus and mint oil.

Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets

Dishes that sommelier Alberto combines with a refined wine list, the result of passionate personal research in small local wineries, but also in the main wine-growing regions of Italy and Europe, primarily France and Piedmont.

In the summer, it is wonderful to eat in the evening on the external panoramic terrace with the sun setting over the Alpago mountains on one side and the town church on the other.

Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets
Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets

In 2016, the Locanda was completely renovated in the name of sustainability and art. The ancient spaces have been completed with 3 rooms, among which the Fieno room stands out with a private sauna and romantic scented wood furnishings.

The internal rooms have been enriched with works of art including the beautiful wooden sculptures by Raul Barattin, an artist from Chies d’Alpago who explores the dialogue between man and nature with his work.

Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets

Today, the sisters Alice and Giulia Pedol, grandchildren of the founders, support Alberto and Paolo in the kitchen, their respective companions in life and also in work, and continue the family tradition begun with their grandparents Nella and Pietro and continued with their parents and aunts.

Three generations and only one love: that for the generous mountain hospitality and the wonderful products of a still uncontaminated territory. To experience a stay where time is marked by the activities of village life, by the sound of the bells of grazing cows and the scent of freshly baked bread for breakfast.

Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets
Locanda San Martino (BL) — Veneto Secrets

The Secret

Locanda San Martino is located a short distance from the shores of the picturesque Lake Santa Croce, known as the “wind lake”, famous for windsurfing and kitesurfing, sport fishing, horse riding, paragliding and the many walking itineraries.

Useful Info

Locanda San Martino
Via Don Ermolao Barattin 23
32010 San Martino d’Alpago, Belluno
Tel. +39 334 1390806

Starters: 14 — 26 euro
First courses: 15 — 16 euro
Second courses: 16 — 25 euro

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