Locanda La Candola (TV)

by Veronica Olivi
Locanda La Candola (TV) — Veneto Secrets

One of the most romantic restaurants in Veneto, thanks to a breathtaking view of the Treviso hills, Locanda La Candola in Farra di Soligo is a real paradise for fish lovers.

Located on top of a hill, the ancient rural residence dating back to the year 1000, boasting exposed bricks, delightful blue balconies and many charming details, is managed by a genuine Venetian, Alberto Cristante. A gourmand restaurateur, with a long experience gained at the Antico Pignolo and Linea D’Ombra in Venice and more recently at the Chichibio in Fener, he moved among these wonderful hills for love, bringing with him his “Lagoon”, which is found in all the dishes.

If the training gained in Venetian restaurants has inspired and influenced Alberto in every respect, it is among the Treviso hills that he has managed to fully express his philosophy that starts from raw material of excellence: fresh fish, sought after among the best markets on the Adriatic, such as those of Caorle and Chioggia, and among the suppliers of specialties such as oysters and exotic fish that it buys from Oyster Oasis in Milan.

Locanda La Candola (TV) — Veneto Secrets

I moved between these wonderful hills for love, bringing my “Venice” with me: the most authentic one and made up of special flavors that you will find in all my dishes.

(Alberto Cristante, owner)

The dishes follow a very simple concept: to maintain, albeit with small creative touches, the taste of fresh fish as intact as possible, with lightness and concreteness. The menu alternates traditional recipes with more innovative ones such as the 12 raw fish tastings, served on dishes from Murano, unique pieces of an entirely artisanal collation, fried zotoli di Laguna, local razor clams and creative proposals such as cuttlefish tagliatella with toasted pistachio and zucchini julienne, oyster & champagne risotto with Perla Rosa oysters from the Sacca di Scardovari on the Po Delta, and the scampi and sweet leek cappuccino, a recipe that Alberto dedicates to his wife, as it embodies all her delicacy and elegance.

In addition to the excellent fish dishes, Alberto expresses his passion in the search for “special” ingredients and will guide you through other tastings that will make your Candola experience unforgettable, such as the organic olive oil of the Sicilian farm Titone.

Locanda La Candola (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The wine cellar is excellent, bosting over 550 labels, including a selection of Prosecco from the area and international wines, especially dry or particular wines such as German Rieslings. The mise en place and the decor are as well-finished as they are elegant, where every detail is not left to chance, such as the embroidered artist cushions, the colorful paintings that illuminate the walls, or the little statues that reflect sea creatures such as whales and other creatures.

In summer, book a table in the garden and enjoy the magnificent view in the shade of the centuries-old horse chestnut while drinking a good glass of wine: the essence of Veneto is really all there, from the sea to the hills!

Also perfect for a holiday, the property offers 7 rooms and a swimming pool where you can stay as a starting point to visit the area and benefit from the many beautiful walking or mountain biking trails. Locanda La Candola is certainly one of the places in the Veneto that most enchants from all points of view: culinary, aesthetic and emotional.

The Secret

Alberto is an excellent connoisseur of rum and whiskey: at Candola you will find a truly exceptional selection of spirits and, in particular, a gin produced directly by the owner.

Useful Info

Locanda La Candola
Via San Gallo 43
31010 Farra di Soligo, Treviso
Tel. +39 348 2910123

Starters: 10 — 26 euro
First courses: 12 — 30 euro

Second courses: from 13 euro

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