El Brite de Larieto (BL)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
El Brite de Larieto (BL) — Veneto Secrets

Immersed in a larch forest at an altitude of 1664 meters below the peaks of Monte Cristallo, in the splendid Dolomites, El Brite de Larieto is a true paradise of taste and charm that honors the Ampezzana tradition with a gourmet cuisine that uses exclusively the products that come from the adjacent family farm. In fact, in the summer it is not unusual to see cows and goats grazing free near the farm, giving us the feeling that Heidi and Peter can really emerge from the woods at any moment.

Such a magical place could only be the result of a great love: that is the one between Ludovica and Riccardo, one of the most famous chefs of the Dolomites who takes inspiration from the traditional recipes and typical products of the area such as speck or mountain cheeses. In 2017 the couple also opened SanBrite, offering a more creative and experimental cuisine which, in 2021, was awarded a Michelin star. Ludovica also manages the Piccolo Brite dairy, next to San Brite, a cheese boutique, where you can buy the delicious products of the farm: cheeses and pure cream butter, fruit yogurt, ricotta, and speck.

El Brite de Larieto (BL) — Veneto Secrets

El Brite is characterized by a typical mountain decor with small rooms covered in wood paneling and very cozy details such as the stua, the typical wood-burning stove, or carved wooden art-works. In the warm months, you can have lunch on the outdoor terrace from which you can enjoy a beautiful view. On request, it is also possible to organize picnics with basket and blankets provided by El Brite or book a Brite Mobile dinner, to be enjoyed at high altitude on Monte Cristallo with dishes prepared by Riccardo on a special mobile kitchen invented together with the local carpenter Christian Menardi.

Chef Riccardo’s cuisine prefers traditional dishes – he made a research among the grandma cooks of Cortina to learn ancient recipes – reinterpreted with new touches. So in the menu, you can find the now famous tartare of seasoned speck with salted butter ice cream, cucumber cream and grated horseradish, or the pink canederli dumplings made with beetroot. The yummy desserts also pay a tribute to tradition such as Cecilia Tenerina, a chocolate cake with zabaglione cream, and, for the Bombardino lovers, the homemade ice cream made with Vov liquor, almond milk and coffee cream.

El Brite de Larieto (BL) — Veneto Secrets

The wine list includes an excellent choice of biodynamic wines, such as Teroldego, Lagrein, Gewurztraminer, Friulano, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, and of craft beers such as the spiced smoked one or the honey and almond malt one.

The Secret

El Brite, which in Ampezzano means the shepherd’s house, was originally a hut used for the sale of fresh milk. A tradition still honored today in the milking of the farm’s cows raised just on fresh grass and hay, without using chemical products or additives, used for the production of the Piccolo Brite’s cheeses.

Piccolo Brite Cheese Boutique

Useful Info

El Brite de Larieto
Località Larieto, Strada Passo Tre Croci
32043 Cortina, Belluno
Tel. +39 368 7008083

First courses: 13 — 15 euro
Second courses: 14 — 22 euro

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