Ai Cadelach (TV)

by Clara Galanti
Ai Cadelach (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Ai Cadelach is a country chic wellness spot between the Revine Lakes and the Vittorio Veneto hills where you can make every wish come true: a horseback ride, a gourmet break or a massage "under the moon".

Ai Cadelach is a magnificent eco-resort surrounded by nature that offers, in a delightful rustic style, a gourmet restaurant, wellness center, outdoor swimming pool and a sporting club with riding stables where you can take refuge for a special pampering.

Born in the 70s from the experience of Sergio and Giulia Grava, its founders, Il Cadelach already reveals from its name the splendid position that characterizes it. In fact, it is located “at the head” of the suggestive lake of Revine, an ideal location for a relaxing break among the greenery.

The sons Ezio, maître sommelier, and Ennio, grill master, together with his wife Natascia, today manage the structure themselves, which presents itself with all the charm of mountain architecture with typical gray stone exteriors and gabled roofs.

Ai Cadelach (TV) — Veneto Secrets
Ai Cadelach (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The two restaurants – the Magnader and the Baracheta – offer different solutions depending on the season: the former, open in winter, is a typical rustic Venetian eatery with a huge fireplace and wooden tables, while the latter, open from May to September it is a romantic wood construction equipped with a professional kitchen for show-cooking.

The culinary proposal is typical of the area with a modern twist – from beef tartare to homemade pasta with duck sauce and mint scent – where everything is handmade with genuine and natural ingredients. The chef Ennio is, in fact, very careful in the research of raw materials. The structure also includes a well-stocked cellar, La Caneva di Ezio, where more than a thousand labels from all over the world are kept, including the most prestigious Italian wines such as Sassicaia, Massetto, Miani and Clerico.

Ai Cadelach (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Before or after a gourmet break, you can relax in the beautiful spa, also with a rustic soul with the characteristic decorations with mangers and hay. Upon request, massages can also be organized outdoors or, for a truly special experience, under the moonlight.

The resort’s offer is completed by the 30 rooms of the widespread hotel, among which the 8 deluxe “Il bosco del Cadelach” stand out, just restored with ecological materials, each dedicated to a local plant, which offer a multi-path inside sensory, and the Ecosuite “L’ontano”, a minimal luxury suite enclosed in an eco-sustainable shell immersed in the clearing facing the pool.

Ai Cadelach (TV) — Veneto Secrets

From Ennio and Natascia’s love for horses, the Agri Gallop Farm was also born, offering a beautiful riding stable where horses and ponies are available for walks, lessons and educational play activities for children aged 3 and over.

The novelty of the year is the opening of the Nonno Gigi hut, named after Natascia’s father. A fascinating luxury structure on the Lama del Careser that offers up to six beds, where you can stay for an immersive experience in nature or organize a special lunch or dinner. La Baita, made even more special by a double breathtaking view of Venice and the Dolomites, has all the comforts for a relaxing stay, including a helicopter landing pad.

The Secret

Starting from Cadelach you can take the beautiful walk along the banks of the two Revine lakes and visit the Livelet archaeological park where the pile dwellings, that characterized the area during the Neolithic era, have been reconstructed. There is an intriguing legend about this area: it’s about little train lying at the bottom of the lake. The area was, in fact, the scene of the First World War, so much so that in 1918 the Austro-Hungarian army built the Decauville-Revine-Vergoman railway line to transport food and ammunition. The local elders say that, at the end of the conflict, during the retreat, the Germans or the Italians sank the train in the lake where it seems that, in the dry season, they can still be seen the old railway tracks, near the wooden bridge, in Fratta di Tarzo.

Useful Info

Ai Cadelach
Via Giuseppe Grava 2
31020 Revine Lago, Treviso
Tel. +39 0438 523010

First courses: 10 — 12 euro
Second courses: 12 — 20 euro
Rooms: from 90 euro, breakfast included
Wellness Center: open every day, with the possibility of booking until late; access 10 euro per hour, treatments excluded

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