Agriturismo Rive Rosse (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Agriturismo Rive Rosse (TV) — Veneto Secrets

In Volpago del Montello, a farmhouse that seems straight out of a fairy tale, nestled between the woods and an expanse of green vineyards, where traditional cuisine meets the Favero family's colorful passion for décor.

That of Rive Rosse is the story of an indissoluble bond with the land and the magnificent territory in which it stands, the famous Montello wood, very precious for the Serenissima Republic of Venice as generously full of clear waters, forests as well as the characteristic reddish soil to which this wonderful farmhouse owe the name.

Riva, in the local dialect, is in fact the steep side of the hills, where the vine is usually grown in these areas. The panoramic view enjoyed from Rive Rosse reaches out, in fact, to the steep rows cultivated close to the farmhouse, from which the house wine is made, until, on clear days, capturing Venice and the lagoon on the horizon.

Agriturismo Rive Rosse (TV) — Veneto Secrets
Agriturismo Rive Rosse (TV) — Veneto Secrets

For us, the farm is home, a place to grow what we eat and pamper guests who like to take refuge on our hill, in summer to enjoy milder temperatures and in winter to savor all the warmth of the fireplace, always on.

(Favero’s family)

In 2009, the farm was taken over by Antonio Favero, together with his wife Alessandra Cardi, who decided, after a past at the helm of some of the most famous clubs in the area, to “take refuge” in a quiet place to grow with his family. Today, alongside Antonio, are his daughters Camilla and Matilde who step by step, thanks to a great passion for design, have made this traditional place more and more beautiful, as well as good.

In particular, the Favero family has created a decor that starts from the rural style typical of these hills to be completed with accents that take inspiration from her travels in the Mediterranean countries, such as lanterns of every shape and color, dried flowers and hanging lights, furniture vintage found in antique markets to which the beautiful paintings painted by mother Alessandra give elegance.

Agriturismo Rive Rosse (TV) — Veneto Secrets

In addition to the outdoor terrace, magical at sunset, and the internal rooms warmed by the charm of the fireplace where Antonio cooks his delicious spit-roasted and grilled meats, Rive Rosse hides a fantastic secret.

This is the cellar, truly one of a kind, built by the previous owners by digging into the rock before the farmhouse was built, with the aim of using it as a warehouse for wine. From the convenient parking in front of the restaurant, you enter through an original tunnel that Camilla has decorated with lights and salvaged objects, where there is a magic mirror for selfies, which leads to a very suggestive room. The old wine barrels and natural rock walls contrast, in fact, with romantic Empire-style upholstered chairs, gilded mirrors, chandeliers and hundreds of candles that make the setting truly romantic.
Always open, the cellar is used especially in winter for group dinners and private parties.

Agriturismo Rive Rosse (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Obviously, at Rive Rosse everything is homemade, cultivated and grown in the garden located in front of the farmhouse just as it was once done in total respect of the environment: poultry, vegetables, fruit and even the olive trees from which an excellent oil is produced.

The menu is also guided by nature and changes every day based on availability. The great classics of Rive Rosse can never be missing, such as the spit-roasted meat prepared on the weekend with six types of meat, pasta and homemade gnocchi with white ragout or chicken sauce, seasonal risottos, soft polenta with Montello mushrooms or braised radicchio, fried sardines, up to traditional desserts such as pear and chocolate cake and tiramisu.

Agriturismo Rive Rosse (TV) — Veneto Secrets
Agriturismo Rive Rosse (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Simple dishes but of great taste to be accompanied, obviously with the excellent wines selected from the wineries in the area.

In the summer season, you can also book a picnic among the vineyards or in the shade of the olive trees and participate, upon reservation, in the charming dinners organized by Camilla and Matilde among the rows.

Open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the evening, on weekends also for lunch, Rive Rosse is one of the few places in Veneto where genuineness, friendliness, and beauty are perfectly balanced, thus making it the place of the heart of a loyal clientele who here is feels like “at home”.

The Secret

The most popular table is the marble one at the entrance which enjoys the most beautiful view of the valley and the shadow of the foliage of an ancient olive tree already present in the garden before the birth of the farmhouse.

Useful Info

Rive Rosse
Via del Fante
31040 Volpago del Montello, Treviso
Tel. +39 335 5313396

Tasting menu: 35 euro, water, coffee, small patisserie and wine of the house included
Starters: from 8 euro
First courses: from 8 euro
Second courses: from 15 euro
Desserts: from 2,5 euro

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