Agribar & Agriturismo Nonno Andrea (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Agribar & Agriturismo Nonno Andrea (TV) — Veneto Secrets

In Villorba, just outside Treviso, an organic and biodiverse paradise where you can go shopping for the good products grown on the farm and enjoy them, from homemade breakfast to dinner, in the shabby chic farmhouse.

It was the early 90s when Paolo and Sonia decided to combine their lives and family businesses, respectively dedicated to viticulture and livestock farming, with the dream of creating a world of goodness all their own.

They called the company Nonno Andrea, in honor of Sonia’s father who founded the first business, and year after year they grew it, which they now manage together with their children Luca and Eva, to reach over 90 hectares cultivated, all organic, giving life to extraordinary products.

Agribar & Agriturismo Nonno Andrea (TV) — Veneto Secrets
Agribar & Agriturismo Nonno Andrea (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Everything at Nonno Andrea is designed, cultivated and done to respect nature and give happiness and well-being to those who come to visit us.

(Manzan family)

Like fruit, with a great passion for ancient varieties at risk of disappearing, vegetables, such as red radicchio from Treviso PGI, variegated radicchio from Castelfranco PGI, asparagus and pumpkins, but also the now very famous jars & canned food products.

In fact, Nonno Andrea has added to his agricultural activity various laboratories where jams, vegetables in oil, condiments, biscuits, wine and beer are made, exclusively with the farm’s products or in collaboration with companies that observe the same philosophy of respect for the ecosystem.

Agribar & Agriturismo Nonno Andrea (TV) — Veneto Secrets

All the delicacies that Nonno Andrea grows or produces can be purchased in the beautiful shop, with the flavor of the old village shops, or tasted, in the Agriturismo and Agribar, open from 8am to 10pm, from Monday to Saturday.

A place reminiscent of old greenhouses, perfect for homemade breakfasts, such as those based on Lisa’s cheesecake or pumpkin and chocolate cookies but also the simplicity of bread, butter and jam, lunches based on salads and platters or delicious dishes such as crispy puff pastry with pumpkin, morlacco cheese and speck on leek sauce, pumpkin and legume burger with fennel carpaccio or burrata with polenta, porcini mushrooms and champignons.

Agribar & Agriturismo Nonno Andrea (TV) — Veneto Secrets

From packaging to furnishings, everything observes the art of creative reuse. Nonno Andrea is, in fact, much loved for his original gift boxes and decorations made of jute, paper obtained from the processing of vegetable waste, and wood recycled from old pallets.

An enchanted world which, upon reservation, also opens up to guided tours, picnics under the orchards and many themed events. First of all the now famous Pumpkin Village in October, a real theme park for adults and children, and the self-harvesting festivals such as the tulip fields in March and April or the sunflowers in July.

Agribar & Agriturismo Nonno Andrea (TV) — Veneto Secrets

In short, at Nonno Andrea’s every season is a good time to rejoice, even at the sight, of the incredible goodness and beauty that the biodiversity of our lands offers us.

The Secret

Nonno Andrea’s “blooms” have become real cult events in the region, like that of tulips, with over 350,000 bulbs for 60 varieties that bloom in magical colored fields that are lost in sight.

Useful Info

Agriturismo e Agribar Nonno Andrea
Via Campagnola 72B
31020 Villorba, Treviso
Tel. +39 0422 444670

Online shopping:

Cakes: from 3,5 euro
Salads and bowls: from 10 euro
First courses: from 8 euro
Second courses: from 12 euro

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