Crema del Piave Tomasoni

The symbol of the Venetian dairy genius

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Crema del Piave Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

An iconic cheese, the symbol of the most authentic inner soul of the Veneto Region, a secret recipe and a love story that lasts for more than 60 years. This is the perfect formula of Crema del Piave, the “king” of this type of super creamy cheese, one of the most popular in Italy, thanks to its versatility.

In 1955 Grandpa Primo moves to Breda di Piave, in the province of Treviso, and here he begins to produce Casatella Trevigiana, a traditional cheese that belongs to the rural heritage of Veneto. The first written evidence of this production dates back, in fact, to the ‘700 in Venice, when families used to home produce it with the milk leftovers.

Primo personally delivers his fresh cheeses door-to-door with the help of his trustworthy Lambretta. And here, in this generous land, he falls in love not only of the dairy art but also with the woman who will become his companion for life, Annamaria. With her, he shares the dream to establish a cheese factory along the bank of river Piave. Thanks to Annamaria, after many experimental attempts, the couple gives life to a new variety of Casatella, softer and even more velvety, that they, therefore, decide to call Crema del Piave.

Crema del Piave Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

The popularity of the cheese factory grows so fast that Crema del Piave becomes the symbol of an entire territory, a masterpiece of the dairy art of Veneto. A product boasting a unique taste of milk, with a creamy and delicate consistency, that today is still wrapped by hand, one by one, in order to preserve its distinctive fresh taste.
Caseificio Tomasoni, always faithful to its artisanal vocation, has grown throughout the years, turning from a small cheese factory to an important dairy company, yet without losing its deepest soul: the great attention for quality and the complete control of the entire production process. A sustainable and short production chain, where the focus is always on guaranteeing the best raw materials: 400 quintals of cow, goat and buffalo’s milk a day that comes exclusively from local farmers, located less than 40km far from the cheese factory, in order to ensure a 100% Venetian origin.
A process that mixes together tradition, innovation, and sustainability. The company has achieved many years ago the organic certification and it produces a whole organic line of products.

Besides Crema del Piave, Tomasoni produces more than 30 types of cheese both fresh and semi-mature such as Stracchino, Robiola, Ricotta, Primo Sale, and goat cheese. The Stracchino di Capra is a yummy, unmissable pleasure: creamy, white as porcelain, rich in taste yet really mild, thanks to a secret production process.

Today is the third generation of the Tomasoni family that runs the company, a symbol of the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit of the Veneto Region. Their passion is the secret behind the unbeatable quality of their products, whilst tradition is the key to look faithfully into the future. Eva, the youngest family member of the company, is today enriching the brand with new ideas, such as the wonderful project Bimbi a tavola con Tomasoni (“Children, lunch is ready with Tomasoni”). Born in order to promote a healthy consumption of milk in the daily diet of kids, it testifies a modern and very “social” interpretation of those values of authenticity, quality and sense of family that have always inspired Caseificio Tomasoni. And always will.

Why you will love it
To try the refined and unique taste of a secret recipe, a symbol of an entire territory

Where to taste it
In the best supermarkets and shops of food and wine specialties.

The perfect pairing
Crema del Piave and Stracchino di Capra give their best if spread on a warm slice of freshly baked bread: for the ultimate pleasure of simplicity.

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