Crema del Piave Tomasoni

The secret recipe with an unmistakable taste

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Crema del Piave Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

The values of the most authentic Veneto, a secret recipe and a love story spanning almost 70 years: this is the magic formula that gave life to Crema del Piave, the creamy stracchino with a unique flavor.

It was 1955 when grandpa Primo moved from Brescia to Breda di Piave, the town where he did the military service and decided to settle down, thanks to his passion for the art of cheese-making which was very popular in that area. He began to produce Casatella Trevigiana, a typical cheese of the rural Venetian tradition, which he personally delivered from house to house on his faithful Lambretta.

He met Annamaria, they fell in love, and together they founded a small dairy right on the banks of the Piave river. It is thanks to her that, after various experiments, they gave birth to a variant of Casatella, an even softer and more velvety stracchino, which they called Crema del Piave.

Crema del Piave Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

We follow the entire production process exactly as my grandfather Primo did 70 years ago, this is the secret of the unmistakable taste of Crema del Piave.

(Eva Tomasoni)

The success of the dairy grew so fast that Crema del Piave became the emblem of an entire territory, thanks to its unmistakable taste of fresh milk and its creamy and delicate texture.

Today in its third generation, the Tomasoni Dairy has remained faithful to its artisan vocation and the highest attention to quality which translates into the careful control both of the supply chain and the entire production process.

From the choice to work only with small local producers, located less than 30 km away from the dairy in order to guarantee a 100% Venetian origin of the milk, up to scrupulous chemical-microbiological analyzes of the raw material, everything is checked under the watchful eyes of Primo’s son, Moreno, who assists the entire production process of the company every day to ensure the highest quality. He “touches” the milk with his finger during the curdling, to decide when the “curd” is ready to be transferred to the special tanks where it is left to rest and then take the shape of the molds in which it is stored, it is he who check the salting and packaging because, still today, each stracchino, first of all the Crema del Piave, is carefully wrapped by hand so as not to alter the lively and delicate taste.

Crema del Piave Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets
Crema del Piave Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

Every day, 400 quintals of cow, goat and buffalo milk are processed, combining tradition with innovation in the name of sustainability: in fact, the company has been certified for many years according to the highest international quality standards and also boasts an entirely organic production line.

In addition to Crema del Piave, Tomasoni produces more than 30 fresh and semi-aged cheeses, including stracchino, robiola, ricotta, caciotta and first salt cheese, also with goat and buffalo milk. The goat stracchino is an unmissable delight: creamy, white like porcelain, with a rich but delicate taste thanks to a skillful processing.

And if dad Moreno is the bulwark of the genuine goodness of his cheeses, it is thanks to Eva Tomasoni, the youngest in the company, that the brand has enriched itself with new ideas and projects, such as Bimbi a tavola con Tomasoni, born to promote a healthy consumption of milk and derivatives in the diet of children. A contemporary and social interpretation of the values ​​of genuineness, quality and sense of family that have always inspired the Tomasoni Dairy.
Just as Grandpa Primo wanted.

Why you will love it
To savor the unmistakable flavor of a secret recipe, symbol of an entire territory, which still has no equal today, despite the many attempts at imitation.

Where to taste it
In the best supermarkets and shops of food specialties. It’s definitely worth a visit the company outlet in Breda di Piave where you will find all the products.

The perfect pairing
Crema del Piave and Stracchino di Capra give their best if spread on a warm slice of freshly baked bread: for the ultimate pleasure of simplicity.

For the location thanks to Locanda Rosa Rosae
Product photos by Valentina Scarpa Bandelloni

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