Tiramisù di Casa

The "gourmet" liqueur inspired by the most loved dessert in the world

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Tiramisù di Casa — Veneto Secrets

Discovering the Tiramisù liqueur created by the Treviso distillery Bonaventura Maschio and its centennial history, which is intertwined between alchemical recipes and extraordinary innovations.

“Secret” recipes handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, from grandfather to grandchildren, albeit already perfect in themselves, improved year after year by passion and techniques that are renewed over time. It is this characteristic that unites Tiramisù, the most loved Italian dessert in the world, and the historic Treviso distillery Bonaventura Maschio based in the fertile countryside of Gaiarine.

A century of history now in its fifth generation, the company launched in the spring of 2021 its first liqueur based on the ingredients of Tiramisù, mixed in an elegant and light balance. Tiramisù di Casa has already won many international competitions such as the “Innovation of the Year” award at the Barawards 2021, the double gold medal received at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, and the title of “Best Italian Dairy Liqueur”, conferred by the jury of the World Liqueur Awards 2022.

Tiramisù di Casa — Veneto Secrets
Tiramisù di Casa — Veneto Secrets

The art of distillation and liqueur making is always magical for us: every day you can create something different, experiment, innovate, in a constant dialogue between man and nature.

(Anna and Andrea Maschio)

That of the Bonaventura Maschio family is the history of the “best Veneto”: characterized by a genuine frontier spirit, the desire to always improve, and a great love for work and things done well, without ever forgetting the value of one’s roots.

Their adventure begins at the end of the 19th century in Cismon del Grappa, between the banks of the Brenta river and the peaks of Monte Grappa, where the Maschio family cultivated the land and was passionate about “itinerant distillation”, then in vogue as it was very convenient and effective to go to the place where the raw material was and work it on site. Pursuing new fortunes, the family then moved to Hungary where worked on the construction of the railway line with Russia, without ever stopping, even there, the activity of “on the road” distillers. Having put aside the resources, after a few years, they finally returned to Italy and decide to move to the Piave river area.

Tiramisù di Casa — Veneto Secrets
Tiramisù di Casa — Veneto Secrets

These are fertile lands and logistically central areas for a distillation business and, thus, it is here that Antonio Maschio decided to start his company, while his nephew Bonaventura would give it an entrepreneurial imprint in the early twentieth century. The 80s arrived, and grappa and spirits began to be appreciated by wider audiences, thanks to greater product research. Italo Maschio, together with a group of visionary distillers, began a real revolution that will lead to the birth of the first grape distillates, a more elegant, soft and fragrant raw material than the one used previously, as well as to the creation of the gem of the company, Prime Uve.

Grape distillates, unlike grappa, produced from marc, offer, in fact, extraordinary opportunities to the master distiller who can choose how to grow grapes, when to harvest them, how to ferment them, in order to best preserve their aromas. All Bonaventura Maschio’s Prime Uve use the vacuum distillation technique which allows them to be processed at a lower temperature, without “burning” any aromatic component, thus managing to maintain all the scents of the grape.

Tiramisù di Casa — Veneto Secrets

Today it is Anna and Andrea, sons of Italo, who continue the company tradition, enriching its history of innovation and quality with contemporary gourmet notes that translate into ever-new recipes and haute cuisine collaborations.

The characteristics of Bonaventura Maschio distillates can also be found in Tiramisù di Casa, a unique liqueur of its kind, as it is produced with excellent ingredients and with an aroma, although very yummy, clean and elegant that does not weigh down the palate, and rather refreshes it. When tasted, you will love the inviting hints of cocoa and coffee that blend, as you taste them, with the sweet ones of vanilla and cream.

Tiramisù di Casa — Veneto Secrets

With a delicious retro packaging, Tiramisù di Casa is perfect to be enjoyed at room temperature or, on the hottest days, fresh with a sprinkling of bitter cocoa on the surface. Just like real tiramisu, once started it will be impossible to leave the bottle halfway!

If the adventurous story of the “traveling distiller” has fascinated you and to get to know all the other Bonaventura Maschio products, you can book a visit to the company museum, located at the production site in Gaiarine where, in addition to seeing the distillation room with its steam stills in copper and the barrel room where the spirits rest in barrels, you can also admire the legendary distillation carriage, the protagonist of our history.

The Secret

It took a long time to experiment to get the perfect consistency of Tiramisù Di Casa. While reproducing the authentic taste of Tiramisu, in fact, this liqueur has an unprecedented, elegant and velvety texture, designed to facilitate the combination with other desserts, from homemade cakes to shortcrust cakes, while giving a pleasant sensation of lightness. on the palate.

Useful Info

Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio
Via Vizza 6
31018 Gaiarine, Treviso
Tel. +39 0434 756611

For reservations: or Tel. +39 0434 756603, free guided tours from Monday to Friday, 9.00 / 13.00 – 14.00 / 17.00 by appointment only.
Saturday morning only available for a fee, at a cost of 50 euro in total.

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