The pink oyster from Scardovari

The queen of molluscs

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
The pink oyster from Scardovari — Veneto Secrets

Such an extraordinary product could only be born in a natural oasis, where the river Po meets the Adriatic Sea, famous for its beautiful landscapes and the Sacca di Scardovari; a lagoon ecosystem, in the town of Porto Tolle, where grow some of the finest seafood in the world.

The queen of this “kingdom of taste” is the pink Tarbouriech oyster which takes its name from one of the most important oyster producers in France, Florent Tarbouriech, inventor of the cultivation method based on the perfect balance between the exposure of oysters to the tides and to the sun’s rays.

The pink oyster from Scardovari — Veneto Secrets

It is thanks to the meeting with the local entrepreneur Alessio Greguoldo that their cultivation begins in the Sacca di Scardovari, an ideal habitat for oysters. Here they are, in fact, more sheltered than in the seas of Northern Europe, so much so that they develop in just one and a half years (compared to usual three-four) and, thanks to the warm rays of the sun, the shells take on the characteristic pink reflection that earned them the romantic nickname of “pink oysters”.

Raised in picturesque rows suspended over the water, where they alternate periods of immersion with periods of exposure to air, they are worked and cleaned manually one by one in a long and laborious process before delighting us with their rich and tasty pulp, highly sought after by the best chefs in the world.

Why you will love it
If you like seafood, these oysters will amaze you with their particularly meaty flesh with a strong and persistent flavor.

Where to taste it
At Osteria Arcadia, in Santa Giulia di Porto Tolle, Rovigo, a true paradise where you can taste all the best local products pampered by the Veronese family.

The perfect pairing
Obviously oysters and Champagne, but true connoisseurs taste them with Muscadet, a still white French wine.

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