Robiola Tomasoni

Made just like it used to

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Robiola Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

Robiola Tomasoni brings us back to the most authentic flavors of the Venetian tradition, still today produced according to artisanal methods handed down from father to son in order not to compromise its quality.

Fresh and tasty cheese, the origin of robiola takes us back in time, to distant times, dating back to the Celtic-Ligurian period in which there was already talk of Rubeola, a cheese that took on a typical reddish color (from rubrum) on the surface of the crust, while other sources derive the name from “madder”, a plant from which a red pigment is extracted, or from Robbio, a municipality in the province of Pavia.

Unique for its creaminess, Tomasoni’s robiola is produced with 100% Venetian milk coming exclusively from small, highly selected breeders who are located no more than 30 km from the Tomasoni dairy and from cows fed with aromatic herbs, such as thyme, which give it its delicious typical flavor.

Robiola Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

We still do everything exactly as my grandfather Primo wanted, because quality and a sense of family come first for us.

(Eva Tomasoni)

For almost 70 years, the Tomasoni Dairy has pursued the values of its founder, grandpa Primo, who in the post-war period together with his wife Annamaria had created a small dairy in the town where he had worked in the military, Breda di Piave, making it over the years a flower to ‘ eyelet of Venetian dairy art.

The Tomasoni quality, now in the third generation of the family, now bears the signature of Primo’s son, Moreno, who every day attends the entire production process, just like his father did, to ensure the highest quality of his cheeses, and of the young granddaughter Eva, wonderful social ambassador of the company, who translates the values of dedication, genuineness and sense of family so dear to grandfather Primo with innovative products and projects.

Robiola Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets
Robiola Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

In the dairy, tradition and innovation come together in favor of the highest quality and sustainability: the company has, in fact, obtained the ICEA organic certification which monitors the use of Italian organic milk, the selection of stables and the feeding of cows with grass. and entirely organic forage.

In addition to robiola, Tomasoni produces more than 30 fresh and semi-aged cheeses, including stracchino – with its iconic cheese, Crema del Piave, still produced according to the original secret recipe created by Primo and Annamaria – ricotta, first salts and semi-aged, also with goat and buffalo milk.

To learn more about the secrets of the dairy, you can read the article dedicated to the legendary Crema del Piave.

Robiola Tomasoni — Veneto Secrets

Why you will love it
For its soft freshness with a delicate flavor that tastes of tradition, it is also very good in the goat milk-based version.

Where to taste it
In the best supermarket chains and food and wine specialty shops. And if you love cheeses, the company shop in Breda di Piave is absolutely worth a visit, where you will find all the products of the Tomasoni line!

The perfect pairing
Among the most versatile fresh cheeses, robiola is simply delicious spread on warm bread with olive oil, salt and pepper, and some anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.

For the location thanks to Locanda Rosa Rosae, product photos by Valentina Scarpa Bandelloni

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