Prosecco Garbara

The Cartizze DOCG…with a view!

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Prosecco Garbara — Veneto Secrets

We all know that every good wine is above all a unique way of life.
Perhaps this romantic rule, when it comes to Prosecco Cru Cartizze, takes on a particular meaning. It may be because it comes from the depths of an ancient sea or because it has its roots in lands of heroes, the only ones in the world crossed by two World Wars in less than thirty years, or because its hills offer a truly breathtaking view, perfect for an aperitif at sunset.

Prosecco Garbara — Veneto Secrets

The most valuable Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, the Superiore di Cartizze, is born in an area of only 107 hectares located between the municipalities of San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Valdobbiadene hills.

Here the soil is particularly rich in minerals, a characteristic, in addition to the particular sun exposure and conformation of the hills, which gives the grapes a special flavor and aroma. Not surprisingly, the cultivation of vines in this privileged area has been attested, in fact, since 1362.

Prosecco Garbara — Veneto Secrets

Due to the fascinating and impervious slopes of these hills, the cultivation of 100% Glera quality grapes, identifying Prosecco, is done in a “heroic” way, that is completely by hand.
Mirco Grotto della Garbara, a winegrower for four generations, is one of the brave producers of the area who continues to work “his” lands just as in the past, to the detriment of the number of bottles produced, only a few thousand a year, choosing to make a true, straightforward, bold wine.

Garbara was the first company in the area to experiment with Cartizze Superiore Metodo Classico (when Prosecco is traditionally obtained with the Charmat method). A must-try are also the varieties with very low sugar residues, the Cartizze Brut Zero, and Garbara Col Fondo, the Prosecco with refermentation in the bottle.

Prosecco Garbara — Veneto Secrets

Why you will love it
For the pleasure of tasting the best Prosecco, right in the hills where it is produced, with one of the most beautiful views in Italy.

Where to taste it
Absolutely at the Terrazza Garbara which is located in a beautiful panoramic position on top of the Cru Cartizze hill in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, next to the famous Osteria Senz’Oste.

The perfect pairing
Obviously as an aperitif, paired with finger food based on local products of excellence, such as Asparagus or Radicchio from Treviso, or with local cured meats and cheeses such as Pepita del Piave, based on pork meat, and Caciotta del Piave made with cow or goat milk.

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