Drawn in gold and dressed in style!

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Pasta Uno.61 — Veneto Secrets

Designed and distributed in the Veneto region, Uno.61 was, simply, designed to become the best pasta in the world. It is with this challenge that the Venetian entrepreneur Federico Menetto, former Director of the Pedrocchi of Padua, today head of a consultancy company in the food industry and acclaimed gourmet, asked his friend and pasta master Raimondo Mendolia to help him in the search for the best wheat with which to produce it. Accepted the challenge, Mendolia flew to Puglia, more precisely to the court of Senatore Cappelli and his famous flour made with ancient grains.

But it is while working on the perfect consistency of the pasta, obtained with the drawing process, that the winning intuition arrives: instead of using the usual bronze or steel machines it was decided to use gold as it is an excellent conductor, therefore capable of give the pasta a truly unique porosity and consistency. In this way the pasta retains more the sauce and is much tastier when served. Among the other characteristics of this handmade pasta, the high protein value and a lower glycemic index that make it very digestible, ideal for athletes who need energy for an extended period of time.
A perfect pasta also in the proportions: the name Uno.61 derives, in fact, from the model called golden ratio brought to success by Fibonacci and used both in the recipe and in the choice of the format: the “mezzo pacchero” (half pacchero), in fact, that comes from a golden ratio rectangle.

Maximum expression of Made in Italy, Uno.61 combines food and fashion, the two symbols of Italian style in the world. In the design phase, therefore, they were not looking for a packaging, yet for the right “dress” with which to wrap this extraordinary product. And as for the truly perfect products, Factor X came to the rescue. Angelo Inglese, a famous tailor from Ginosa in Puglia, was among the tasters of the pasta and, enthusiastic about the test, returned the package wrapped in one of his shirts. Federico Menetto liked the choice to such an extent that it became the official packaging of the pasta, made with scraps of fabric with which the tailor realizes his tailor-made creations. Each package, characterized by unique patterns and colors, can be reused with fantasy or personalized, for example with initials, on request. A service that is very popular with the many VIPs who have already become loyal fans of this pasta.

Uno.61, a novelty for the market but already rewarded by Forbes magazine as Italian excellence, has a highly selected distribution. For now you can, in fact, find it at the Rinascente in Milan, Rome and Florence and in the delicatessen stores of the main Venetian cities such as Cortina, Padua and Venice and obviously online on the website

Why you will love it
Simply…the best pasta in the world

Where to taste it
At home or at the most famous pastry chefs such as Luigi Biasetto who cooked it with the renowned Pellestrina mussels

The perfect pairing
With high quality parmesan cheese and olive oil to taste it as real gourmet would do!

15,90 euro pack of 500 gr.

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