Dolomiti Bellunesi Honey PDO

Mountain it better!

by Giorgia Pin
Dolomiti Bellunesi Honey PDO — Veneto Secrets

It is not surprising that a wonderful territory like that of the Belluno Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage stands out for the particular richness and variety of spontaneous flora and vegetation, favored by the climate and the reduced presence of man. It is precisely here that this special honey with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is created, one of the most renowned in the world thanks to the uncontaminated environment and great biodiversity of the Dolomites area, two fundamental elements for the production of high-quality honey.

The link between this territory and honey is testified by over half a century of history: there are recipes from the end of the 1500s that insert it among the ingredients to prepare desserts and other delicious dishes, besides being also used to cure seasonal ailments and as a prodigious source of energy.
The first cataloging in “high alpine flower honey”, “heather honey” and “mixed forest honey” dates back to the 1700s, a series of evocative names that seem to embody all the beauty of the landscape they come from.

Each type of honey, extracted from the different botanical species that bloom during the harvest period, has different colors, flavors and textures. A color palette that is a pleasure both for the eyes and the palate: from the amber Millefiori to the transparent Acacia honey, from the thick yellow of the Linden honey to the dark brown of the Chestnut honey, from the very clear Rhododendron honey to the golden Dandelion honey. If on one hand colors and flavors are different for each of the six varieties of the Dolomiti Bellunesi Honey PDO, on the other hand, there are some characteristics that unite them and make them particularly valuable, such as nutritional qualities, therapeutic properties, and a real authenticity that only honey mountain can guarantee.

And to be inspired by the possible use of this precious honey, just consult the numerous recipes of the local culinary tradition that enhances it in both sweet and savory dishes.

Why you will love it
Because it is a particularly genuine and precious honey, produced in mountain areas, isolated and sometimes at high altitudes, characterized by high floristic biodiversity and pure air.

Where to taste it
At local producers and, for true lovers, in Limana, called the “honey town”, during the traditional autumn beekeeping festival.

The perfect pairing
A delicious combination, which enhances its flavor, is with the cheeses typical of this production area, such as the Piave PDO.

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