Fattoria delle Erbe

The gourmet flowers made in Veneto

by Valentina Scarpa Bandelloni
Fattoria delle Erbe — Veneto Secrets

Discovering Annalisa's secret garden, where wonderful gourmet flowers are grown, each with a unique and particular flavor, ready to amaze your guests on the table.

The arrival of spring makes you want to set up our home with wonderful colorful floral arrangements: but did you know that there are gourmet flowers, specially grown to be eaten and give a spectacular ultra-chic touch to your dishes?

Flowers have been used for culinary purposes for centuries; ancient Romans used to decore and flavor dishes with petals of roses and violets, whilst in Asian culture in common to eat lotus flowers, a symbol of enlightenment and growth. Nowadays also the top chefs use edible flowers to make any dish more fragrant, tasty, and above all beautiful.

Fattoria delle Erbe — Veneto Secrets

Fattoria delle Erbe is a family-run farm located in the countryside of Treviso, more precisely in the green countryside near the town of Mansuè, where Annalisa Massaria grows with love several aromatic herbs and edible flowers, each one with a specific taste. Some are are peppery, like the nasturtium, others spicy, like the chrysanthemum, and there are even sparkling ones, like the electric grass.

All the processes are done by hand without any use of chemicals and following natural cultivation techniques: according to their characteristics, the flowers are picked at the right time in order to preserve their intense aroma and bright colors unaltered, even after drying.
From the garden directly to the table, the edible flowers can be used, using all your fantasy, for risottos, soups, salads, desserts, and cocktails.

Fattoria delle Erbe — Veneto Secrets

Why you will love it
To amaze your guests by bringing nature to the table, enriching each dish or dessert with bright colors and special flavors.

Where to taste it
Following a visit to the garden, you can buy your favorite flowers at the shop: just ask Annalisa, she knows all their secrets. In Treviso, you can try her flowers at Bloom and Le Beccherie.

The perfect pairing
Certainly the bouquet risotto, with tulips, gladioli, nasturtium, and mint. For more recipes check out Annalisa’s cookbook.

Further info
La fattoria delle erbe

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