The corn leaves of the Dolomites

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Dolomais — Veneto Secrets

When we talk about Veneto and its gastronomic tradition, polenta (creamy boiled cornmeal) always come to mind, as it was a dish present on every table, especially in the difficult period of the Two Wars, due to the easy availability and low cost of its main ingredient: corn. Thanks to its diffusion, often used in place of bread, it became a symbol of conviviality together with the copper pot it was traditionally cooked in.
Once the polenta was brought to the table, the one that remained attached to the pot was dried and transformed into polenta crusts, a sort of ante litteram chips so much loved by kids.

Invented by the Paganin Tremea family, owners of the lovely Bon Tajer farmhouse in Lentiai, in the province of Belluno, Dolomais is a tribute to this tradition, made, according to the original recipe, of only three ingredients: wholemeal corn flour, salt, and water of the Dolomites.

Dolomais — Veneto Secrets

Healthy and light, Dolomais is made using a special corn, an ancient variety from Belluno called Sponcio Corn, grown in an uncontaminated environment at the foot of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Given its success, Dolomais is now offered in various flavors born from collaborations with many typical products of the Veneto region, in particular its delicious cheeses such as Cuor di Fassa, Lentiai Stravecchio, Piave DOP, Asiago DOP, and many others.
Do not miss a visit to Bon Tajer to taste this product in its many sweet and savory variations, from “crosticcio” pie to chocolate!

Why you will love it
To savor an ancient flavor, healthy and yummy at the same time!

Where to taste it
Obviously at the Bon Tajer, otherwise the list of retailers can be found here.

The perfect pairing
In salads or as tacos, a must-try in traditional soups such as Pasta e Fagioli or pea cream.

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