The living legend of the art of distilling

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Capovilla — Veneto Secrets

Vittorio Gianni Capovilla is the best fruit distiller in the world: a living legend, master of the art of distilling, who has made the research of the best raw materials, especially old and rare varieties of fruit, its reason of living. A modern Indiana Jones in search of “lost tastes”, you can easily meet him in Croatia looking for the best figs, in Moldova to grab the wildest raspberries or in the Caribbean hunting for juicy exotic fruits, driven by the aim of constantly improving the quality of its distillates.

All Capovilla products are obtained, without any addition of sugars or alcohol, by slow discontinuous bain-marie distillation and put to rest in steel barrels for a few years before being bottled.

Capovilla — Veneto Secrets

In the strive for excellence, today Capovilla continues experimenting new products, having fun by trying out new fruits and ingredients for his distillates, from wild bananas to chestnuts. Nevertheless, only those drinks that assure a colorful explosion of taste as much faithful as possible to the olfactory essence of the original fruit are put into production.

Today Capovilla is a farming company that produces old and rare varieties of fruit, complemented by the native ones bought around the world, exclusively cultivated according to certified organic methods. Everything is artisanal: each bottle is unique, identified by a numbered, handwritten label and marked with a sealing wax cap of the color that recalls the original fruit.

Capovilla produces over 60 types of fruit, wine and beer distillates, spirits and grappa which can only be found in the best restaurants and wine stores around the world. In 2005, on the insistence of his friend Luca Gargano, one of the world’s biggest rhum expert, Capovilla visited Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, where sugar cane grows, and the following year started the production of Rhum Rhum, one of the best in the world, obtained from pure sugar cane juice, unlike the other rhums that are diluted 50% with water.

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An amazing voyage of discovery trough the secrets of the best fruit distillates in the world.

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In the very best restaurants and bars around the world.

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There are so many flavours that you can just unlet your creativity and have fun!

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