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Prosecco Garbara

Only at certain depths can certain heights be reached

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Cantina Garbara — Veneto Secrets

In Valdobbiadene, Garbara Winery has opened a garden for the pleasure of tasting the best Prosecco wine, right in the hills where it is produced, in the company of the wonderful views of the UNESCO Cartizze.

Each wine is an expression of a territory. When talking about Prosecco Cru Cartizze this saying takes on a particular meaning. It may be because it was born from the depths of an ancient sea or because it has its roots in lands of heroes, unique in the world crossed by two world conflicts in less than thirty years, or because its hills offer a truly breathtaking panorama.

The Grotto family has been working these “banks” with passion and love since 1865, first with their great-grandfather Vittore, known as Garbara for his hard and abrupt character like the harsh and dry land he cultivated, then with grandfather Augusto and father Ambrogio, and today with Mirco, who gave the farm the name Garbara and in 2007 began vinifying the grapes for the production of superior sparkling wines, who continues the business together with his wife Liliana and their children.

Cantina Garbara — Veneto Secrets
Cantina Garbara — Veneto Secrets

It is in the composition of the elements of a land that the art of Nature is seen and it is in the ability to conserve, express or support them that the nature of man is seen.

(Grotto family)

The Garbara winery is located where the most prized Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG is born, the Superiore di Cartizze, an area of only 107 hectares located between the municipalities of San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful hills of Valdobbiadene.

Here the soil is particularly rich in minerals, a characteristic that gives the grapes special flavor and aroma. It is no coincidence that the cultivation of vines in this privileged area has been attested since 1362.

Cantina Garbara — Veneto Secrets

The Garbara vines are found 330 meters above sea level and their roots extend to great depths, allowing them to draw on the richest part of the soil which gives the wine its unique characteristics. This explains why Garbara’s motto is “as in life, even for the vine you have to reach certain depths to reach certain heights”.

With a process done in a “heroic” way, that is, completely by hand, Garbara was the first company in the area to experiment with the Cartizze Superiore Metodo Classico (when Prosecco is traditionally obtained with the Charmat method). The varieties with very low sugar residues are absolutely worth trying, such as Cartizze Brut Zero, and Garbara Col Fondo, the Prosecco with refermentation in the bottle.

Cantina Garbara — Veneto Secrets

Precisely to offer its guests the best hospitality of this area, Cantina Garbara has opened a romantic lounge with umbrellas in the center of Valdobbiadene, perfect for a break based on bubbles.

Each wine tasting, conducted by Mirco and Liliana, begins with a panoramic visit to the Cartizze hills from which, just beyond the winery, you can see the hill where Prosecco is produced.

Cantina Garbara — Veneto Secrets

Also perfect as an aperitif, you can choose between various types of tastings, from 3 to 5 different wines, to be accompanied by excellent local products, such as local cured meats and cheeses, including Pepita del Piave, made with pork, and cow or goat Caciotta del Piave to be paired with artisan bread.

An unmissable address in the Prosecco Hills to taste its true excellence in the company of a family who has made their valorization a life mission.

The Secret

Between 20 and 7 million years ago in these hills there was the sea which then retreated, revealing the seabed rich in minerals which give a special flavor to the Prosecco produced in these areas.

Useful Info

Garbara Cartizze
Strada Menegazzi 19
31049 Valdobbiadene, Treviso
Tel. + 39 0423 900155

Tastings: 3 wines of your choice with breadsticks: 12 euro per person, 5 wines of your choice with breadsticks: 17 euro per person, wines of your choice with cured meats and cheeses: starting from 20 euro per person (customizable experience)

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