Cantina Fasol Menin

The first art gallery-winery on the Prosecco Hills

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets

In Valdobbiadene, a historic wine cellar, inserted in the ancient Fasol Menin village, today devoted to sustainability and art thanks to important collaborations with contemporary artists and an original focus on wine art.

The winery welcomes guests, immersed in rolling hills with centuries-old vines, with original works of art and installations, thanks to international projects such as the one with the Galleria Tornabuoni in Florence, that blend harmoniously with the landscape under the gaze of a gigantic chameleon, the symbol of the company, painted on the entrance façade.

The symbol was chosen as a metaphor for the great capacity of the vine and of man to adapt to the changes in the world in which we live, merging with the surrounding environment. It is no coincidence that Fasol Menin is the expression of a territory artfully “shaped” by the hands of artisan winemakers who have created the famous “rive” (hill banks) here, a UNESCO heritage site which, worked entirely by hand, give life to the best prosecco Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets
The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets

That of Fasol Menin is, above all, a long story of love for the territory that has been handed down from family to family from the nineteenth century until today.

(Giulia and Alessandro, Tramet’s family)

Even that of Fasol Menin is, in fact, a story of transformation: a tradition held together, since 1812, by the love of three families from Valdobbiadene for their native land. Founded by the Fasol Menin in the homonymous village, in 2020 the estate was sold to the Tramet family who, with great pride and ethical conscience, follow the entire agricultural supply chain from which the wine symbol of their territory is obtained.

Today are Giulia and Alessandro Tramet who, both returned to Italy after a long stay in London and NY, have taken over the management of the famous Prosecco brand, “grafting” their shared passion for art and design into the ancient vineyards of the estate.

The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets

It is Alessandro in particular who, wine artist, as well as artistic director and export manager of Fasol Menin, has contaminated the company with his international connections, involving artists and galleries in a large exhibition project.

In the beautiful tasting rooms, the works of art on display change, in fact, every week, in a successful combination of art, landscape and wine.

The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets
The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets

To seal the combination of art and Prosecco, all the labels of Fasol Menin wines have been designed by artists. Such as the ones of both the Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG Cama Brut and the Leonte Extra Dry with the chameleon created by Roberto Bertazzon, that of the Superiore di Cartizze DOCG conceived by Aldo Rebuli, to represent the famous golden Cartizze hills, or the original magnums illustrated by the Mexican artists Ivan and Omar Galeazzi.

While the label of the Grappa Tramet 7 Years Masterpiece, aged 7 years in barriques and part of the premium line of the brand also available at the famous Casa Cipriani in New York, was created by Alessandro with a particular engraving technique on metal foil.

The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets
The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets

A love for art that does not go beyond the constant commitment to promoting both the history of Fasol Menin and the heritage of the surrounding area. Together with the artworks, in the winery we find, in fact, vintage photos, tools and objects coming from the ancient Fasol Menin village that the family Tramet is committed to enhancing.

Coming next on the pipeline, there is, in fact, the conservative restoration of this important example of rural architecture, one of the oldest in Valdobbiadene located just in front of the winery, which should be inaugurated next spring.

The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets

Nature is the art of God.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Sustainability, in addition to art, is the other key value around which Giulia and Alessandro’s vision of the profession of the modern “winemaker” is based. In fact, there are several projects that Fasol Menin is carrying out to ensure total respect for the environment. In addition to having obtained the Biodiversity Friend® certification, the company is engaged in various agronomic projects and practices. Like Eno-Bee, which saw the installation of some hives near the vineyards to allow bees, the “sentinels of the environment”, to favor the pollination of flowers and consequently improve the quality of the fruit.

Furthermore, in addition to a completely manual harvest, the “green manuring” technique is used in the vineyard. An ancient agricultural practice which provides for the sowing of pure herbs, used to fertilize the soil in a natural way, as well as to make it more stable, which has led to obtaining the SQNPI certification relating to the application in the vineyard of voluntary integrated pest management practices.

The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets
The art gallery-winery Fasol Menin — Veneto Secrets

In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to book a visit, available also at the weekend, which consists of a presentation tour of the works of art and a tasting of the main Fasol Menin wines (and, if the weather permits it, also a tour of the vineyards with an original Polaris Ranger).

Furthermore, follow the winery’s social networks to participate in the many events organized by Giulia and Alessandro, such as live performances by artists, concerts, picnics and aperitifs in the vineyard. While on holiday, you can find the Fasol Menin’s bubbles at the Phi Beach of Arzachena in Sardinia and in the Moritzino Club of the Alta Badia in the Dolomites.

The Secret

At the entrance to the tasting room, we find an original painting created by Roberto Bertazzon made up of 80 Prosecco capsules. Each cap of Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG Cama Brut and Leonte Extra Dry is, in fact, numbered and makes up a particular piece of the puzzle. Just pick, therefore, your lucky number!

Useful Info

Cantina Fasol Menin
Via Fasol e Menin 22
31049 Valdobbiadene, Treviso
Tel. +39 0423 974262

Tastings with visit to the winery: from 25 euros per pax
Art & Wine: painting session in the vineyard with wine tasting, 50 euros per pax

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