The Gritti Terrace (VE)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
The Gritti Terrace (VE) — Veneto Secrets

There is a place in Venice, celebrated by writers and artists, where the beauty of a 15th century Gothic palace, the sparkle of the Grand Canal and the majesty of the Basilica della Salute come magically together: it is the Terrace of The Gritti Palace, a privileged stage of refined rendezvous.

Few places in the world have had so many pages of novels and scenes from cult films dedicated to them as the terrace of the 5-star The Gritti Palace. The English author W. Somerset Maugham wrote “there are few things in life more pleasant than to sit on it”, Woody Allen made it the protagonist of his romantic love for Julia Roberts, and Ernest Hemingway of its book Across the River and Into the Trees.

Built in 1475 by the powerful Pisani family, in the 16th century the palace that houses it became the residence of Doge Andrea Gritti who made it even more precious by enriching it with decorations and works by famous artists, a tradition also continued by subsequent owners, in particular in the 19th century by Baroness Susanna Eyb Vetzlar, until it became an icon of international hospitality in 1895.

The Gritti Terrace (VE) — Veneto Secrets
The Gritti Terrace (VE) — Veneto Secrets

There are few things in life more pleasant than to sit on the terrace of the Gritti when the sun about to set bathes in lovely colour the Salute, which almost faces you.

(W. Somerset Maugham)

Since the post-war period, its terrace has been the fulcrum of Venetian social life, the ideal place for a gourmand breakfast, a special lunch, an afternoon tea or a romantic dinner kissed by one of the most beautiful views of the Grand Canal and its famous gondolas.

Since 2023, the leadership of its gastronomic offer has been entrusted to chef Alberto Fol, a return to his origins for the “artist of local flavours” who made his debut at The Gritti Palace in 2000 before consolidating his mastery at the helm of the most important “kitchens” in the lagoon, from Des Bains to Danieli.

The Gritti Terrace (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Betraying his origins between Treviso and the Dolomites, Chef Fol loves to highlight the many souls of the Veneto region, working the best raw materials from the sea to the mountains, as demonstrated in his signature dishes including the Scallops alla Cacciatora with soft polenta and high altitude wild herbs or its delicious Lobster with orange cream, chicory salad, winter sprouts and wild herbs.

The Gritti Terrace is also the perfect break for an informal lunch based on salads, focaccias and club sandwiches maybe accompanied by some special bubbles.

The Gritti Terrace (VE) — Veneto Secrets
The Gritti Terrace (VE) — Veneto Secrets

And for after dinner, you can choose between one of the 21 suites that bear the signature of designer Chuck Chewning, like the ones inspired by the celebs who considered Gritti as a “second home”, such as those dedicated to Ernest Hemingway, Somerset Maugham and John Ruskin, or the wonderful Punta della Dogana suite with a double view overlooking the Pinault Collection museum and the Grand Canal.

Just wonderful.

The Gritti Terrace (VE) — Veneto Secrets

The Secret

Inside the restaurant, there is a very charming cooking school, The Gritti Epicurean School, the only one of its kind in the Lagoon and the first to open inside a hotel in Venice in 1975, the scene of refined courses, events and wine tastings, and of a truly special Convivial Moment orchestrated by Alberto Fol.

Useful Info

The Gritti Terrace
Campo Santa Maria del Giglio 2467
30124 Venezia
Tel. +39 041 794611

Breakfast  7.30 – 11.00, Lunch 12:30 – 17:30

First courses: from 36 euro
Second courses: from 44 euro
Salads and Club Sandwiches: from 29 euro

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