The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace

The Grande Bellezza on the Canal Grande in Venice

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace — Veneto Secrets

Get ready for the Grande Bellezza on the Grand Canal: every Sunday, until July 28, from 12.30 to 15.30, The Gritti Palace will be hosting its new Sunday Brunch ritual, with DJ sets, bubbles and one of the most celebrated views in the world.

The Gritti Palace, a splendid palace on the Grand Canal overlooking the Basilica della Salute, is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world with its charm of a timeless private residence that tells 5 centuries of history of art and good living.

Built in 1475 by the Pisani family, in the 16th century it became the residence of the powerful doge Andrea Gritti who made it even more precious by enriching it with decorations and works of famous artists, a tradition continued by subsequent owners, in particular in the mid-19th century by Baroness Susanna Eyb Vetzlar, until it became an icon of international hospitality in 1895.

The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace — Veneto Secrets
The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace — Veneto Secrets

They took me along the great street, which they call the Grand Canal (…) it is really the most beautiful street that there can be, I believe, in the world, and the most well built, and it passes through the whole city.

(Philippe de Commynes, French ambassador, late 15th century)

On its terrace, the protagonist of many films and literary masterpieces, from Across the River and Into the Trees to Everyone says I love you, this summer the Brunch ritual takes place every Sunday with a DJ set and unlimited rosè wines.

The cuisine is that of great occasions, with all sorts of Venetian and international specialties prepared by the brigade of The Gritti Palace led by Executive Chef Alberto Fol.

The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace — Veneto Secrets

It starts with leavened products with sourdough, from bread to delicious croissants, to be combined with live show cooking stations where the dishes are prepared on the spot, such as Berkel with raw ham Cinta Senese aged 36 months and mortadella ham from Favola Salumificio Palmieri or fried castraure (small artichokes) from Mazzorbetto served with goat cheese with mint and many raw dishes, such as scampi with passion fruit.

Brunch is also an opportunity to visit one of the best-kept “secrets” of The Gritti Palace: its splendid The Gritti Epicurean School, a charming cooking school, unique in its kind in the Lagoon, the scene of refined courses, events and wine tastings.

The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace — Veneto Secrets
The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace — Veneto Secrets

Here, among cookbooks and copper pots, many delicacies and recipes that change every Sunday await you. From the corner of Venetian tradition with creamed or Vicenza-style cod, to signature first courses such as Buranella lasagna or Acquerello selection risotto, to second courses of fine cuts of meat or fish such as lamb chops, organic veal roast beef or sea bass all’acqua pazza.

Finally, with the famous Gritti sweet selection, from tiramisù freshly prepared at the table, to Itakuja double-fermented organic chocolate cake, from millefeuille to mini pastries, to lots of fresh fruit and ice cream.

The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace — Veneto Secrets
The Sunday Brunch of The Gritti Palace — Veneto Secrets

Book one of the tables on the water and let yourself go to the magic of the wonderful view of The Gritti Palace of the Grand Canal, between the splashing of the gondolas and the rolling of the structure’s Riva motorboat, ready (experience by reservation) after Brunch to set sail on the way to some romantic island in the Venice lagoon.

The Secret

Over the years, The Gritti Palace has welcomed many famous guests. It has seen the succession of several noble families, such as the Pisani and again the Gritti in 1814. A few years later it was sold to Baroness Susanna d’Eyb, widow of Baron Vetzlar. It was during this period that John Ruskin spent a long time at the Gritti Palace with his young wife Effie, and it was here that he wrote his famous book “The Stones of Venice”.

Useful Info

The Gritti Palace
Every Sunday, until July 28th, from 12:30 to 15:30
Cost: 155 euro, all included

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