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Stube Gourmet (VI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Stube Gourmet (VI) — Veneto Secrets

In the center of Asiago, inside the Hotel Europa Residence, the Stube Gourmet is a truly unique gourmet treat: 5 tables where, among candles and wood paneling, you are looked after with refined grace by the brigade of chef Fabio Falsetti and the maître-sommelier Jgor Tessari.

The experience of the Stube Gourmet begins with the amazement that welcomes the guest upon arrival in the small room when, after having climbed the stairs from the foyer of the historic hotel in Asiago, one arrives in a tiny charming room embellished with wooden walls, many candles, the stube (stove) with majolica details from which it takes its name, and only 5 tables, artfully lit.

A surprise to which is added the pleasure of waiting when Jgor Tessari, maître and sommelier, and Werfelli Achref, chef de rang, will welcome you with the care and attention of those who make each guest feel unique and special.

Stube Gourmet (VI) — Veneto Secrets
Stube Gourmet (VI) — Veneto Secrets

The rediscovery of the traditions of our grandparents, the uniqueness of the work of the farmer, the herdsman, the craftsman, as well as the spontaneous herbs of our land have given life to the new path of the Gourmet Stube.

(Mosele family)

The Stube Gourmet project was born in 2013 from the idea of the Mosele family, the historic owner of the Europa Residence hotel and the 3 restaurants that make up the structure, to enhance its skilled team by creating a gourmet corner that could become the spearhead of its long history of hospitality in the Asiago plateau.

To do this, they rely on the professionalism and enthusiasm of the then very young chef Alessio Longhini, formerly at the head of their restaurants, and of the sommelier Jgor Tessari, with previous experiences at the court of Andrea Berton and Massimiliano Alajmo. Together, they gave birth not only to one of the most valid haute cuisine projects in Italy of the last decade, but also to a close-knit “family” of professionals united by the desire to improve and renew themselves every day.

Stube Gourmet (VI) — Veneto Secrets

Research, taste, professionalism and attention to detail have earned the Stube Gourmet brigade the Michelin star in 2017. The year 2022 signs the beginning of a new project starting with the assignment as executive chef of the restaurant of the former sous chef Fabio Falsetti.

Fabio, born in 1985 with “stellar” experiences gained between Alain Ducasse in Paris and Corrado Fasolato in Venice, and his sous chef Andrew Lunardi – “mountain chef” as he likes to define himself to emphasize the deep bond that links him with the Asiago plateau, his native land – are the creator of all the novelties that the Stube Gourmet will offer starting from the grand opening of the winter season 2022/23.

Stube Gourmet (VI) — Veneto Secrets
Stube Gourmet (VI) — Veneto Secrets

In fact, the new dishes of the Stube Gourmet will focus on enhancing the mountain and its products, respecting the nature of the raw materials and the cultural essence of each element that makes up the recipes. Thus, the new tasting menus, Valle dei Ronchi and Büscar, bear the names of the two districts of the Asiago plateau where the brigade, daily, collects the wild herbs used for their dishes.

Each creation is, in fact, a journey to discover the most authentic flavors of a land still to be explored. A joy to taste and sight, thanks to a very refined mise en place that plays on the colors of ocher and the poor materials typical of the plateau pastures combined with hand-made porcelain and glasses created together with Riedel specifically for each type of wine. The journey starts with the still steaming bread served with a delicious butter from Malga Serona, followed by tasty recipes such as Boboli with milk, herbs, white currants, Spaghetto with wild garlic, stracchino, beard, and Lamb with grilled catalonia, marrow, fermented currant.

Stube Gourmet (VI) — Veneto Secrets

The experience is completed by a rich list of national and international wines, selected by the sommelier Jgor, with an obsessive passion for scouting the best both traditional and upcoming wineries in the world.

Perfect lights, decor, flavors and aromas…such a dreamlike experience that departing from the Gourmet Stube will seem a bit like leaving Wonderland, with the only difference that here you can come back as and when you want.

The Secret

Before becoming a restaurant, the Stube Gourmet was called “the Hunters’ Room” and was the hotel’s tea room. This explains the reason why some hunters are portrayed on its wooden walls in a convivial scene.

Useful Info

Stube Gourmet
Corso IV Novembre 65
36012 Asiago, Vicenza
Tel. +39 0424 462659

Open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday
Tasting menu: from 110 euro, wines pairing 50 euro

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