Osteria La Fontanina (VR)

by Stefano Colombo
Osteria La Fontanina (VR) — Veneto Secrets

A few steps away from the banks of the Adige river, located in one of the most fascinating bohemian neighborhoods of Verona, that of Santo Stefano, Osteria La Fontanina is a corner of gourmet charm that enchants for its decor made unique by wonderful antiques.

The owners and hosts, Nicola and Marta Tapparini, the soul of the restaurant since 1984, have in fact been collecting over the years many original and rare objects, giving life to their own personal cabinet of curiosities.
La Fontanina, which with its two hundred years of history is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, has been holding a place of honor within the best Scaligera eno-gastronomic tradition for many years.

Osteria La Fontanina (VR) — Veneto Secrets

The space is divided into various rooms, each decorated as if it was a theatrical environment in itself, separated by spectacular backdrops made of huge mirrors, paintings and velvet curtains. In every corner, you can breathe a fascinating atmosphere that recalls the premises of the early twentieth century embellished with curious objects bought in vide grenier and brocante markets around the world, candelabras, antique prints, silverware and many exotic plants that come together in a unique style in which Deco mixes with Liberty.

A warm hospitality underlined by the elegant and refined manners of Nicola and Marta who love to make guests feel at home, fulfilling their every wish and leading them into a sensory experience made of smell, taste and sight never experienced before.

Osteria La Fontanina (VR) — Veneto Secrets

The kitchen, masterfully managed by Nicola, offers traditional recipes revisited, giving life to dishes that sublimate the taste, gratifying the eye with an aesthetically perfect plating. From the roasted scallops with pumpkin, mushrooms and tastasal meat, to the bigoli (fresh pasta) with anchovies, flavored bread crumbs and burrata cheese up to the beef cheek cooked in Amarone wine, each dish follows a gastronomic fil rouge studied and supervised in every detail by its eclectic host, a guarantee of perfection in every aspect of his restaurant.

The mise en place is an absolute marvel starting from the dishes personalized by a local artist with the engraving of the restaurant’s initials in gold silk-screen printing. And then laces, Limoges porcelains, deco epergnes: each course has its own precise sensorial story that leads the diner on a culinary journey of haute cuisine that will enchant you, as in a fairy tale, in every magical moment of your stay in the local.

The Secret

In one of the rooms, you will see an old cast-iron fountain, from which the restaurant takes its name, which comes from the square in front of the place. Here once, during the Carnival period, wine was poured out to celebrating the Duke of Pignatta who with his committee organized the so-called “Luni Pignatar”, a sort of popular “Fat Monday”.

Useful Info

Osteria La Fontanina
Portichetti Fontanella 3
37100 Verona
Tel. +39 045 913305

Starters and first courses: 16 euro
Main courses: 22 euro
Desserts: 9 euro

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