No Other Place (VI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
No Other Place (VI) — Veneto Secrets

In Vicenza, one of the most important buildings on Corso Palladio, neoclassicism and the charm of contemporary art have come together in the sublime vision of designer Claudio Biasia, to give life to a concept of hospitality and location for events of rare refinement.

A residence designed to embody the ideal of beauty of a refined art collector who loved neoclassicism and who, with his entrepreneurial history, made the history of Italian fashion.

No Other Place was born, in fact, as the private mansion of the creative director Claudio Biasia, at the helm of the famous family company linked to high-quality handbags and accessories until 2008, a globetrotting esthete who has dedicated a life to the Beautiful and the Good, values that he still pursues today with his consultancy company.

No Other Place (VI) — Veneto Secrets
No Other Place (VI) — Veneto Secrets

I have spent a lifetime loving and creating fashion. I have given a thousand different forms to my idea of beauty, poetry, creativity, always fascinated by the unique, but above all by the unexpected.

(Claudio Biasia)

At the beginning of 2000 he fell in love with Palazzo Loschi Zileri dal Verme and its neoclassical decorations, a majestic Palladian-inspired building built by Count Ottone Maria Calderari between 1782 and 1986 for the brothers Alfonso and Francesco Loschi, and decided to buy it.

Claudio brought it back to its ancient splendor starting with the restoration of the original frescoed walls of the building, apparently the work of the painters Gaetano Vacani and Aristotele Ghislandi of the Brera Academy in Milan. With the help of his friend and interior designer Gastone Fioravanzo he furnished it with incredible taste, sublimating his sensitivity, talent and passion in a totally new interior style.

No Other Place (VI) — Veneto Secrets

An example of this is the Great Hall decorated with the effigies of some of the most famous artists of the 16th century – Antonio Canova, Antonio Correggio, Vincenzo Monti, Vincenzo Scamozzi, Sebastiano Serlio and Tiziano Vecellio – and their sum works, where Claudio placed the original model of the Palazzo in Via Mozart 17 in Milan created for the 1987 RAI film Giulia e Giulia by Peter Del Monte.

Or the entrance antechamber on the main floor, which is reached via a bright winter garden corridor, where the visitor is welcomed by a deer made of shells created in 1940 by the Genoese artist Franco Albini.

No Other Place (VI) — Veneto Secrets
No Other Place (VI) — Veneto Secrets

From here, the lucky guests can access the 3 halls of the house, in addition to the Great Hall which accommodates up to 100 people seated and equipped with the most modern audiovisual technologies, the small Turkish study and the kitchen while, on the upper floor there are the 2 bedrooms with wonderful bathrooms in wood paneling and marble.

In fact, since 2023, Claudio has decided to move and therefore open this precious treasure chest to 5-star stays, returning the building and its history to the community.

No Other Place (VI) — Veneto Secrets

This is how No Other Place was born, an infinite wonder, where you never stop looking at a new detail, a colour, a work of art and which offers the very rare experience in Veneto of living in a noble 18th century palace immersed in a lively and contemporary atmosphere which, as the name suggests, truly has no equals in its stylistic signature.

The perfect place to stay in the luxury of history (up to 4 people), with all modern comforts, from private parking to a home chef to 24-hour concierge service on request, or to organize the event of your dreams.

No Other Place (VI) — Veneto Secrets

The palace opens for private visits on special occasions such as the FAI Days, to stay updated on upcoming events just follow No Other Place’s social networks.

The Secret

Palazzo Loschi Zileri dal Verme carries with it the testimonies of its important history: from the cannonball that hit it in 1805 during the Franco-Austrian conflict and which, since then, is still clearly visible stuck on the side of the facade, up to the long stay in 1866 of the then King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele, as stated in the marble inscription visible in the atrium of the residence.

Useful Info

No Other Place
Corso Palladio 42
36100 Vicenza
Tel. +39 355 5774016

Stay with breakfast for the entire apartment (2 bedrooms): from 800 euro
For private dinners and parties:

Guided tours 8/10 people: 300 euro

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