Vite Restaurant & Concept Store (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Vite Restaurant & Concept Store (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Vite is the new Wunderkammer by Simone Selva, the youngest starred chef in Italy in 2022, who within TAD, the Treviso Art District, has given life to a highly creative gastronomic concept.

A gourmet restaurant and design shop or a fine dining concept store, what is certain is that Vite perfectly embodies its two creative souls: the chef Simone Selva and the entrepreneur Davide Vanin already the founder, together with Alessandro Benetton, of TAD, Treviso Arts District, a cultural center born from the conversion of a former industrial area of over 1,500 square meters, which houses the eatery inside.

The name of the new restaurant, opened in April 2022 in Treviso, plays, in fact, with the multiple meaning of “vite”, which in Italian means both vine, a symbol of the Venetian food and wine tradition, and screw, understood as a mechanical component, a tribute to the industrial origins of the place, besides being the acronym for Vision Inspire True Emotions, the motto both of the restarant and the concept store.

Vite Restaurant & Concept Store (TV) — Veneto Secrets
Vite Restaurant & Concept Store (TV) — Veneto Secrets

When I think of my cooking, I associate it with fun; for the palate, for the guest, also for me and my brigade, because what you want to convey must first and foremost be felt within us.

(Simone Selva, chef)

Vision and emotions are certainly not lacking in Vite, starting with the original decor of the venue developed on two floors and six rooms, each furnished by as many design brands. The companies Qeeboo, Intentions, EDG, Abhika, Ibride and Instabile Lab have, in fact, created completely different environments to choose from, from the urban jungle with fantastic animals and the hydroponic plants of Venice Green to the manga atmospheres populated by bunnies and giant gorillas; where all the objects are, of course, for sale.

The mise en place was entrusted to master craftsmen of the area such as Terra in forme, an artistic ceramic laboratory, Vanni Cenedese, the wood wizard who transformed old Venetian briccole into furnishing objects, and the master glassmaker Marco Varisco who created the beautiful glasses and carafes of the restaurant.

Vite Restaurant & Concept Store (TV) — Veneto Secrets

A Wunderkammer – cabinet of curiosities or room of wonders – for an equally fantastic cuisine. Yes, because Vite is, first of all, the first restaurant of Simone Selva, born in 1996, in Aquileia, an enfant prodige of the Italian gastronomic scene after having won his first Michelin star last year at the Wistèria restaurant in Venice. With experience at El Cog in Vicenza, in Venissa in Mazzorbo, passing through Pollen Street Social in London, his cuisine is a real Wunderkammer, an instinctive set of precious flavors, ingredients, alchemy and cultures.

Just like true emotions, the chef’s creations escape definitions and labels finding a solid basis on the techniques learned in previous starry experiences, yet continuously evolving thanks to a great passion for experimentation: from Umami applied to local traditional dishes to original food combinations, the result of his inventiveness and love for the East, up to the interest for fermentations, bittersweet and pop touches.
Whether they are based on noble raw materials such as Foie gras, smoked mackerel and jalapenos, or whether they are completely vegetable such as Asparagus alla mugnaia, strawberries and pine, the characteristic of his dishes is, in fact, the incredible taste that accompanies every course of the tasting menus.

Vite Restaurant & Concept Store (TV) — Veneto Secrets
Vite Restaurant & Concept Store (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Simone and his young brigade, in addition to Vite, also coordinate the entire food & beverage offer of TAD which includes Vite Concept Store, managed by Mattia Bordini, 21Gallery, the contemporary art gallery founded together with Massimiliano Mucciaccia, Cantiere Art Restaurant & Bar, the Tiki Bar and the Whiskey Room.

For a special evening, start with an aperitif at the Cantiere cocktail bar and then continue to the Vite’s Abhika room (book the round table overlooking the kitchen), asking for a special sparkling wine and the 8-course tasting menu. Incroyable!

The Secret

The rooms that now house Vite and the 21Gallery were respectively a private house and a workshop of bar refrigerators and furnishings that were purchased and completely renovated by Alessandro Benetton and Davide Vanin as soon as the opportunity arose to buy and enlarge, thus, the already pre-existing part of TAD.

Useful Info

Vite Restaurant & Concept Store
Viale della Repubblica 3-5
31020 Villorba, Treviso
Tel. +39 375 5644295

Starters: 20 — 22 euro
First courses: 18 — 29 euro
Second courses: 25 — 38 euro
Tasting menus: 5 courses 65 euro, 8 courses 95 euro, wine pairing from 25 euro

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