Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD) — Veneto Secrets

In Padua, a natural wine bistro born from the strong passion for organic food and natural wines of the owner Michele Birtig, a love born between France and Italy during his sporting trips.

In Piazza dei Signori, under the arcades overlooking the beautiful Clock Tower, Uva opened in 2018 as an evolution of the previous Gran Caffè Diemme, born from the dream of one of the partners, Michele Birtig, to create a place where you can eat and drink well in a convivial environment.

The inspiration for him, a former international rugby champion, was the “bistronomy” (a neologism born from the union between bistro and gastronomy), those places that have become famous beyond the Alps which in small spaces offer haute cuisine based on the excellent products of the territory, which he loved to visit during his trips to France.

Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD) — Veneto Secrets
Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD) — Veneto Secrets

A return to our roots, to feeling good together, a place where all my passions coexist, from food to natural wines to good music.

(Michele Birtig)

Uva, as can be seen from the name chosen, was also the “excuse” to give a home to his collection of natural wines, another great passion of Michele; a refined selection that contains years of tastings and experiences, favoring skilled artisans who respect their territory.

A list made, therefore, of “great bottles, unknown wines, legendary wines and wines from all over the world”, as he loves to say, and which, given their success, are also available for purchase in the Uva store online.

Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD) — Veneto Secrets

The environment is very intimate, made up of brick walls, small wooden tables and tufted leather sofas that are never missing in a bistro as per tradition, and many bottles hanging on the walls. Above all, one precious detail stands out.

They are the creations of Jocelyn Veronese, a ceramic artist from Padua, who, in addition to welcoming guests as maitre d’ with her enveloping smile, has created a collection of porcelain stoneware plates and cups for the venue, all different, with wonderful nuances that they range from gray to a thousand shades of blue (absolutely worth visiting her atelier located not far from Uva).

Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD) — Veneto Secrets
Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD) — Veneto Secrets

The menu, orchestrated in the kitchen by Michele and chef Paolo Giraldo with his team, is a beautiful tale of the local and international products most loved by gourmands, without forgetting a tribute to France with particular attention to vegetarians and vegans.

From the starters, such as Cantabrian anchovies with Normandy butter and croutons and Parma Sant’ilario raw ham aged for 30 months, to main courses such as Bigoli pasta with goose ragù and parmesan cheese aged for 30 months and Stuffed guinea fowl with milk and honey, jus and aromatic salad. The delicious bread is homemade with sourdough and selected flours.

Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD) — Veneto Secrets
Uva Natural Wine Bistro (PD) — Veneto Secrets

The retro chalkboard with the dishes of the day is brought to the guest’s table for them to order, establishing with originality that atmosphere, pleasantly intimate and convivial at the same time, which makes Uva the perfect place for a dinner with friends or a business lunch, certain of an always excellent selection of raw material.

The Secret

The restaurant’s sign was conceived and designed by artist Andrea Hunter and then made with recycled bottle bottoms by Coeman, a company founded by the artistic duo Alice and Mirko and specialized in transforming second-hand glass and wood into art and design objects.

Useful Info

Uva Natural Wine Bistro
Piazza dei Signori 17
35139 Padova
Tel. +39 049 5913903

Starters: 12 — 20 euro
First courses: 14 — 20 euro
Second courses: 16 — 28 euro 

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