Spinechile Resort (VI)

by Clara Galanti
Spinechile Resort (VI) — Veneto Secrets

Like in a true fairy tale, hidden among woods and silent valleys, Spinechile lies on the edge of the mountain as its name means. Born from the renovation of an ancient barn located in Contrà Pacche, 600 meters above Schio (Vicenza), the Resort is the Eden of the Michelin starred chef Corrado Fasolato and his family.

Spinechile Resort (VI) — Veneto Secrets

With a 104-square-meter design kitchen built in wood and glass to best integrate with the natural environment and a central charming dining room, which has kept intact its original features, the location is really amazing. On the first floor, there’s a beautiful panoramic hall, dominated by a breathtaking glass roof. From here, when the weather is fine, the view extends from the surrounding valleys up to Venice!

Spinechile Resort (VI) — Veneto Secrets

Decorated with great taste by Paola, passionate about interiors and antiques, the Resort is a nice mix of antique objects and family furniture bought over time by the couple. This creative realm frames the cookery of Corrado who, after high-level experiences and many awards, fell in love with the place and decided to give life to his personal project.

The exciting tasting menus include a choice between 8 and 10 courses created according to the principle of balance between tastes, textures, temperatures, colors, and flavors, meticulously combined to create super culinary experiences.

The Secret

Spinechile’s décor was further enhanced by the inclusion of various works of art; like the paintings by Eva Trentin or the beautiful contemporary tapestry by the artist Enne Effe placed at the entrance that was even featured in Vogue!

Useful Info

Spinechile Resort
Contrà Pacche 2
36015 Schio, Vicenza
Tel. +39 0445 1690107

Tasting menu: 60  — 100 euro (wine excl.)
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 19.45 — 22.00
Saturday and Sunday for lunch 12.45 — 14.00

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