Plenus Bistrò (TV)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Plenus Bistrò (TV) — Veneto Secrets

In Treviso, an urban garden that extends between its splendid dehors and the interiors with green boiserie and tropical plants, where the best raw materials are ennobled to taste and to the eye by a cuisine "designed" in every detail, an excellent cellar and a collection of distillates for true connoisseurs.

The name Plenus, in Latin “complete”, sums up an idea of cuisine and good hospitality made of simple yet high-quality ingredients, carefully chosen through a direct relationship with the best producers from all over the world, and an extreme care in every aspect of the food chain, from the beauty of the interior to the healthiness of the dishes.

It is with this promise that in 2029 the three partners and friends, Milena Corbo, sommelier and maître d’, Gigliola Reginato and Mauro Vanzetto, entrepreneur, decided to open their first restaurant, Plenus Bistrò, right in the heart of Treviso in Piazzetta Crispi in the homonymous gallery.

Plenus Bistrò (TV) — Veneto Secrets
Plenus Bistrò (TV) — Veneto Secrets

According to the motto ‘knowledge makes good cooking’, we start from the best raw material to offer seasonal dishes that are the result of great research.

The restaurant is located in an illustrious building for the history of Treviso as, in addition to being close to the medieval Loggia dei Cavalieri, the oldest in Italy, it has been the headquarters of the Cinema Hesperia since 1920, as well as the “home” in 1945 of the first club for cinephiles in Italy. It is in this marvelous setting that the outdoor area of Plenus is inserted, overlooking the suggestive Piazza Francesco Crispi and its original neoclassical fountain with a lion’s head.

The decor of the rooms is an ode to nature, underlined by a relaxing green nuance, used for the boiserie of the private room and the sofas, as well as by the many tropical plants in contrast with the magenta velvet seats.

Plenus Bistrò (TV) — Veneto Secrets

If Milena’s enveloping smile welcomes the guest in the restaurant, in the kitchen the chef with his brigade dedicates himself to a continuous search for the best raw material, making it arrive directly from selected producers: thus the Fassona cuts come from Piedmont, the Blonde d’Aquitaine from France, the Merino lamb from Australia, the anchovies from fishermen in the Cantabrian Sea in Spain, the Shropshire Blue blue cheese from Great Britain, as well as obviously using also the renowned products of the Veneto region such as Radicchio di Treviso and the asparagus from Cimadolmo.

Plenus also adheres to the D1abfriend project to offer guests a menu with the carbohydrate count (CHO) indicated for each dish. There are only two restaurants in Italy that deliver this service which is a great simplification for people who need to take insulin with their meal.

Plenus Bistrò (TV) — Veneto Secrets
Plenus Bistrò (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The remarkable wine list has a careful collection of references, selected by Milena, a passionate sommelier, ranging from the most famous wineries to emerging realities in the wine scene and niches characterized by high quality and limited productions.

A true excellence in the Veneto region, the restaurant also has a remarkable selection of after-dinner drinks. From Gins with the best botanicals to Armagnac and Cognac from France, from the young VSOP up to 35 and 45 years of aging, as well as Whiskey and Rum from the most important historical maisons.
The bottles come from the personal collection of the owners, the result of their continuous research in an ideal journey that starts from Scotland and the Caribbean to arrive at the United States and Japan, “pursuing” particular bottlings and limited editions both official, released by the distilleries, and coming from independent “artisans” able to give particular nuances and notes to their creations.

Plenus Bistrò (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Open for lunch from Friday to Sunday and for dinner every evening except Tuesday, at Plenus you always feel “at home”, perhaps starting with an aperitif and gourmet cicchetti (tapas) or its famous steamed leavened focaccia bread, and then continuing with the tasty specialties on the menu such as Risotto with white celery, Fassona beef tartare and Parmesan cheese or Sea bass steak with lemon cream, fennel salad and friggitelli with lime zest.

And here we return to the name, Plenus, just “complete” as an evening in which light, distance between the tables, taste and lightness come together in a perfect recipe.

The Secret

Each product, as well as each dish, is tasted and then “validated” by all three owners before being put on the menu, a strict selection that ensures the utmost excellence of the raw material used in the restaurant.

Useful Info

Plenus Bistrò
Piazza Francesco Crispi 7
31100 Treviso
Tel. +39 0422 252671

Starters: 13 — 20 euro
First courses: 13,50 — 20 euro
Second courses: 21,50 — 28 euro

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