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Maison Vicentini (VR)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Maison Vicentini (VR) — Veneto Secrets

An atelier of wonders, unique in Veneto, located in a former factory of the 1920s, where you can find unique restored pieces of yesteryear and original furniture, made to measure in the in-house workshop, inspired by the history of world design.

It is a sincere amazement that welcomes every visitor at the entrance of Maison Vicentini, a shop and showroom located in an industrial space of over 500 m2, captivated by the charm of a gigantic open space populated by magical scenographies, wonderful objects and unique pieces, fantastic machines and animals.

A world born in 2017 from the passion for decoration and interior design of Simone and Jessica, a couple in life and also in work, who have transformed their love, in particular for the European stylistic avant-gardes of the century, from Art Deco to Hollywood Regency, in a profession that combines the art of reuse with artistic craftsmanship.

Maison Vicentini (VR) — Veneto Secrets
Maison Vicentini (VR) — Veneto Secrets

Our dream…is to make yours come true, without limits of shapes, materials, colors.

(Simone & Jessica)

Simone and Jessica, with the help of trusted collaborators in European countries, especially England and France, carry out constant research that follows a double trend; on the one hand to select unique objects to restore, on the other to create new lines of furniture inspired by vintage pieces now difficult to find. The heart of the Maison is, in fact, the Opificio Demode workshop where each piece is lined, repainted, re-engineered, with great care and creativity.

It is here, on commission, that, for example, a normal Ikea cabinet is transformed into an urban jungle wardrobe lined with green velvet, or an old 1930s trunk becomes an original bar cabinet complete with mixers and bottle holders. Also worth keeping an eye on is their renewed online store where you can find unique vintage pieces, from wrought iron garden sets to Belle Époque style mirrors.

Maison Vicentini (VR) — Veneto Secrets

Among the new retro-inspired lines by Maison Vicentini, there are some that have become real must-haves, combining the beauty of the past with the practicality of new materials and construction techniques. Among the most famous icons, we find the beautiful Adirondack deck chair, better known as the Kennedy because it was particularly loved by the American president of the same name, recreated by Simone with an elegant, waterproof and stain-resistant striped fabric, just perfect for outdoor use. Or the chairs and tables that recall the iconic Formica seats of the 1950s, which here can be found in all shapes and colors made entirely by hand.

News of 2022, Maison Vicentini has also opened, in a space at the entrance to the showroom, La Bottega, a shop where you can find eclectic furnishing accessories and gift ideas, such as candles created with champagne bottles, Skull Lamps made with Crystal Head Vodka, old framed advertisements, or goodies from exotic countries such as the collection of beaded decorations and precious fabrics used in Indian ritual weddings.

Maison Vicentini (VR) — Veneto Secrets

And as you can guess from the beauty of the giant scenographies that decorate the Maison, Simone and Jessica also offer a party planning service which, on request, includes the procurement and rental of thematic arrangements, but also the turnkey artistic, logistics and technical direction of any kind of event. A truly unique service in Italy that made them sign some of the most exclusive parties created for lifestyle and fashion brands. Suffice it to mention the event in which guests were accompanied by a real English taxi with a driver in livery or the one in which a Dolce Vita-style setting was rebuilt, complete with a rare two-tone Ape Calessino and 1960s decorations.

Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home or a partner for a special event, surely Simone and Jessica are the right people to make your dreams come true.

The Secret

Fancy to know how far Simone and Jessica’s passion could go? During the last Vinitaly, they set up a flamingo-themed party in an ancient palace of the center of Verona, creating a fuchsia photo booth with over 5000 feathers applied completely by hand.

Useful Info

Maison Vicentini
Via Pietro Cossali 14
37136 Verona
Tel. +39 392 22255588

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