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Maison B. Restaurant & Contemporary Art (VE)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Maison B. Restaurant & Contemporary Art (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Welcome to the depths of the sea, inside your soul.

(Dì Berg, artist)

This is how the artist Dì Berg welcomes guests in what is both an elegant fish restaurant and a refined art gallery.

An underwater world, a step away from the wonderful fishing port of Caorle, created in spring 2020 by the Bergantin brothers; Renato, a professional artist known under the pseudonym Dì Berg and also the owner of the Maison B. concept store in San Donà di Piave, and Giulio, with a long experience in various international venues including the VIP of Cortina, the restaurant manager.

Heirs of the culinary tradition of his father Ezio Garrone Bergantin and his mother Lina Lazzarini, historical owners of the restaurant Al Centrale and of Il Brigantino, in whose premises the Maison B. is located, Renato and Giulio have combined their passion for cooking with that of art, giving life to a truly unique and exciting place, a real delight for aesthetic lovers of Beauty and Goodness.

A dreamlike world that unwinds through a path of three rooms decorated with Renato’s original works of art: the first is the Sala delle Meduse (jellyfish), which represent the angels that help us get in touch with our inner self, the second is the Table of Love, it is no coincidence that the plates are decorated just with sultans’ faces and only one with the image of the queen, where the white spheres symbolize the deep emotions that one feels once in contact with his/her soul, and the last, the room Il Volo di Icaro, where the spirit rises free and is symbolized by the flight of herring gulls created by the artist Francesco Ciabatti.

Maison B. Restaurant & Contemporary Art (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Dì Berg’s technique is characterized by a mix of recycled Murano glass combined with various painting techniques. Large canvases featuring marvelous figurative creatures with bewitching eyes are lit by the magical light that is reflected through the glass sculptures, such as the spectacular jellyfish that adorn the large convivial table in the center of the room, as well as the original resin floor, also handmade by the artist.

The mise en place is a work of art in itself: Bugatti cutlery in gold and titanium, fine plates created exclusively for Maison B., and lampshades by Davide Groppi, just to make a few examples. The decor is completed by original furniture, unique pieces sought by Renato all over the world and highlighted by the home scent Teatro Fraganze Uniche, another exclusive line of Maison B. Do not worry if you have already fallen in love with some objects: everything is on sale and available at the Maison B. concept store of San Donà.

The cuisine is mainly based on fish of the highest quality that comes directly from Caorle fishermen such as the palette of scampi and courgette flowers, the catch of the day salt-baked, or the seared tuna in sesame crust, with a good range of meat dishes too. Attentive maître d’, Giulio will always be available to advise you in the best possible way, even in case of particular dietary needs.

The wine list favors local labels that enhance the agricultural realities that best express the primary flavors of each grape variety, as well as those noble ones that keep quality firm even by making courageous distribution choices.

The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls too.

(Vincent Van Gogh)

Maison B., open all year round, is a safe heaven precisely for those deep souls who seek salvation in Beauty…if not of the world, of their own soul.

The Secret

Among the works of Dì Berg set up in the restaurant, there are the wonderful “votive hearts”, real graces received set in recycled frames that come from all the countries of the world. They symbolize the miracle of emotions, especially those of love…the engine of the world and the soul of Maison B.

Useful Info

Maison B.
Via Riva dei Bragozzi 159
30021 Caorle
Tel. +39 348 8456489

Starters and first courses: 14 — 23 euro
Second courses: 15 — 28 euro

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