Horteria (VE)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Horteria (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Born from Giorgia's passion for her home's vegetable garden and traditional "osteria", Horteria is a romantic restaurant and bistro open from breakfast to dinner.

From her father, Giorgia inherited the passion for food and raw materials that comes from the love for her land, cultivated and nurtured day after day. If you add her studies in psychology, it is easy to tell why this small restaurant in the center of Mirano is a place where you feel really good, warmly welcomed, as the tradition of Venetian taverns dictates, from breakfast to dinner.

Opened by Giorgia in 2017, Horteria is at the same time a café, a bistro and a restaurant where everything is homemade, from bread to biscuits, and each product used is a historical expression of its territory of origin. Thus, preferring organic food, you can find dishes based on vegetables from the garden, but also delicious regional food and wine specialties such as the Alghero “parchment” bread, Marco Colzani’s jams and juices, the Lucanian crusco pepper or the Friscous, a blend of durum wheat semolina, mother yeast, turmeric and aromatic herbs from Salento.

Horteria (VE) — Veneto Secrets
Horteria (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Having grown up between the vegetable garden and the home garden, I created Horteria to continue researching their tastes and flavors, which today I love to share with my guests.

(Giorgia Codato)

After tasting them, you will surely want to take them home too and so Giorgia has created a “shared pantry”, as she likes to call it, offering customers the opportunity to purchase the food and wine products on the menu.

At the head of the kitchen and for years a close-knit collaborator of Giorgia, Alessandro Ferrotti creates straightforward, yummy dishes, helped by a great technique, acquired thanks to his love for the art of pastry, which translates into perfect consistencies and cooking. Always in the name of the wholesomeness of the recipes proposed and of the choice of enhancing the taste of a few, selected ingredients, obviously giving priority to vegetables and spices, often unusual ones.

Horteria (VE) — Veneto Secrets

On the menu, we find original dishes such as ricotta cheese and spinach gnocchi with beurre blanc with orange marinated salmon, beef stew with Jerusalem artichoke purée, baked chestnuts and blueberry vinegar reduction, and rhododendron grappa semifreddo with dark chocolate, vanilla crumble and pear jelly, as well as a wide selection of cakes and centrifuges, salads and easy dishes, also perfect for a snack or a business lunch. To be paired with a wide selection of natural and local wines, also for take-away, which are displayed on the inviting shelves that characterize the place.

Faithful to her philosophy, Giorgia only sought out “pre-loved” furnishings and objects with a soul for Horteria. Indeed, everything inside the restaurant has a story: like the original Chesterfield sofa, purchased from an old antique shop in Lucca, the colorful vintage Murano chandelier with flower and fruit decorations, the 1930s cementine tiles recovered in old houses from the area, or chairs from a 1920s Parisian bistro.

Horteria (VE) — Veneto Secrets

And among botanical drawings and old Berkels, a tribute to her roots could not be missing: behind one of the tables you can read, in fact, a huge menu on wood. These are the dishes created in 1975 by Giorgia’s father, a former cook, for a wedding. A symbol of family and tradition, because things of value must be handed down, in life as well as in the kitchen.

The Secret

At the entrance, you will see a Letter 22, the portable typewriter par excellence.
What you may not know is that it is there for you. An invitation to write feedbacks on the place or thoughts of love, but above all to take some time for yourself and slow down.

Useful Info

Via della Vittoria 58
30035 Mirano, Venezia
Tel. +39 041 5648388

Starters: 10 — 15 euro 
First courses: 12 — 16 euro
Second courses: 16 — 22 euro 

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