Herb (PD)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Herb (PD) — Veneto Secrets

Herbs is a gourmet oasis located inside a stunning location: the historic walls surrounding the town of Cittadella, the only medieval ones in Europe to be fully walkable, ensuring a stunning panoramic view on top of their 15-metre high Parapect Walkway. As a matter of fact, the walkaway entrance is located just inside the courtyard of Herb!

Herb (PD) — Veneto Secrets

Aromatic herbs, flowers, and essential oils are the signature ingredients of Herb’s original menu that changes every three months according to seasons. The décor is truly scenographic thanks to the talented flower designer Elisa Vanin who creates stunning cascades of floral bouquets hanging down from the ceilings as well as beautiful centerpieces.

The interior design is a mix of natural materials, industrial furniture and artisanal pieces such as the beautiful Moroccan iron chairs.
In summer, the huge panoramic terrace is a real must-see place as, from March to October, you can dine or sip a cocktail en plein air whilst enjoying a truly exclusive view of Cittadella’s historic medieval walls.

Herb (PD) — Veneto Secrets

The rich menu includes main dishes, such as poké or burgers, gourmet pizzas, as well as meat, fish or veggie recipes that vary every day according to seasonal availability. Thyme, rosemary, marjoram, sage as well as many other flavors characterize not only the yummy homemade bread but also the local’s large variety of beers, wines, and refreshing cocktails.

The Secret

In Cittadella, it is said that in the 70ies under Herb there was a very special garage where the precious historic cars of local collectors were kept. Following the disastrous collapse of the structure, the cars were buried under the rubble where today it seems that they still lay, included a mythical Citroen Mehari and other wonders.

Useful Info

Via Porte Bassanesi 3
35013 Cittadella, Padova
Tel. +39 049 5979474

Entrées: 12 — 14 euro
First courses: 11 —
13 euro
Main courses:  16 —
 22 euro
Burgers & poké: 12 —
15 euro

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