Garage Nardini (VI)

by Stefano Colombo
Garage Nardini (VI) — Veneto Secrets

In Bassano, the coolest town in Veneto, Garage Nardini is located in the spaces of the former production site where Grappa Nardini was made until 1963. The history of the Nardini family, today on the 7th generation, begins in 1779 when Bortolo Nardini created, at the foot of the Bassano Bridge, the oldest steam distillery in Italy that was then moved in 1929 for expansion to where Garage Nardini is now.

The interior design resembles the style of the early 20th-century factories: the original wooden beams were recovered, while the copper industrial lamps are reminiscent of the old distilleries and create an elegant contrast with the light blue seats and textile decoration of the rooms. True to the convivial spirit of the grappa, Garage Nardini is designed as an all-day living space: in summer the interior courtyard is ideal for an alfresco drink, while the bar overlooking the Piazzale Generale Giardino has already become already a trendy gathering point for the aperitivo time. On the first floor there is the small restaurant, while in the cellar, in what was the antique icehouse of the former nearby hotel, there is a picturesque private dining room.

Garage Nardini (VI) — Veneto Secrets

The cuisine relies on the gourmet bistro formula offering traditional Venetian and Mediterranean dishes based on the best products from the area. The raw materials come mainly from Vicenza and Padua – such as the renowned De Tacchi rice from Padua or the organic blue goat cheese from Montegalda – or selected among the finest national distributors such as the fish coming from the Milan market (the best for fish products).

The Executive Chef is young Simone Brizzolari who boasts a long collaboration with Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa who has led him to work for Nobu restaurants in Milan, London, Sankt Moritz, Mykonos…In the menu, in fact, we found the lovely black cod, which is called “steamed Carbonaro”, as well as delicious new recipes like rigatoni pasta with red beetroot extract, veal ragout and finferli mushrooms or dishes that exalt the raw ingredients such as the Sorana beef tartare from the Fratelli Fontana butcher shop.

Garage Nardini (VI) — Veneto Secrets

But the real stars of the venue are the Nardini products: distillates and liqueurs are used for drinks, in purity as after dinner digestive, or even as a “secret” ingredient for some of the dishes on the menu.

Ask for the dishes that contain products that can only be found in the Bassano area and don’t forget to try the Tiramisu cake made with the Nardini Tagliatella or the world most famous cocktails revisited in Nardini style, such as the Bassano Mule with Acquavite di Vinaccia Nardini, lemon juice and ginger beer (plus the beautiful mug glass can be taken home as a souvenir).

The Secret

The Garage Nardini logo takes up the character of the Grappa Nardini label. The original font was created in 1779 by the historic Remondini printing house in Bassano del Grappa and has remained practically unchanged until today.

Useful Info

Garage Nardini
Piazzale Generale Giardino 6
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
+39 391 3295573

Pre-dinner drinks & Cocktails: 2,20 — 14 euro
Starters & First courses: 14 — 16 euro
Second courses: 22 — 25 euro
Kids menu: 6 — 10 euro per dish

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