Flora | Cucina, Bottega, Vino (VE)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Flora | Cucina, Bottega, Vino (VE) — Veneto Secrets

A unique place in Jesolo, restaurant, cocktail bar, concept store, born from the passion of the Manfrè family for the art of hospitality, which perfectly combines, thanks to the union of two generations, the good cuisine of the lagoon tradition with the international mixology.

When you arrive at Flora, in Largo Tempini near Piazza Drago, the first sensation is that of an oasis of well-being: we are welcomed by the large illuminated Mediterranean olive tree that welcomes guests, the flowers of the Lagoon, the light of candles and the reassuring warmth of the wood, the scent of lavender.

Nothing we see is accidental, every detail is the result of that miracle of nature called talent, 4 to tell the truth: in the kitchen, there is Renato Manfrè, a chef with a big heart in love with his sea, as maître d’ his wife Matilde, perfect hostess and interior decorator, whilst their children Andrea and Thomas manage the communication of the place and the wine and mixology offer respectively.

Flora | Cucina, Bottega, Vino (VE) — Veneto Secrets
Flora | Cucina, Bottega, Vino (VE) — Veneto Secrets

We love to welcome people, everything is designed to make our guests feel good by giving value to the little things: a smile, a flower, a freshly picked ripe fruit.

(Manfrè family)

For decades, the Manfrè family has been a real guarantee on the Venetian coast: since 1985 they have, in fact, created one successful venue after another, from the Invito di Eraclea to the Lagoon of via Bafile, combining tradition and innovation with a magical touch: knowing how to entertain their customers.

For Flora, however, their heart beats in a particular way: it is the first restaurant, in fact, where parents and children work together, a combination that has given life to a place with a very innovative international mood: perfect for an aperitif, a romantic fish-based dinner, or arrive late with friends and have a cocktail accompanied by finger food. The common denominator? Quality, attention to detail and a lot of love for the territory.

A concept destined to leave its mark which, not surprisingly, by “affective” choice, was born in the premises of a “brand” that made the history of catering: the Alfredo Restaurant, created in 1962 by Alfredo Beltrame.

Flora | Cucina, Bottega, Vino (VE) — Veneto Secrets

The name, Flora, as well as the interior design and the mise en place are a tribute to the Venetian coast. If the logo is inspired by the herbs of the Lagoon, the decorations are made with recycled materials, such as old branches found on the beach that become lantern holders or the refined dried flowers used as placeholders.

The preparation of the tables on which the porcelains with the faces of warrior women by Le Coq Porcelaine stand out, part of the ANIMAE Project which, by donating part of the proceeds, supports the project Donne in Rete against violence. This line, as well as many other wonderful objects and gift ideas, including some of the ingredients chosen by Renato for his dishes, from the oil of Frantoio Agostini to Pasta Verrigni, are on sale in the Bottega, Flora’s concept store.

The menu is really delicious and fun. From the fantastic raw fish plates, such as the Crudo di Mare dish, the Tartarine, of 4 different varieties of fish, up to the original Ostridrink’s, fine oysters accompanied by shots of gin “Sospiri di laguna”, Mezcal fumè and Japanese whiskey Togouchi, up to to the great classics such as Capesante, Canestrelli di Caorle and Lunghe, the eel of Valle Drago, or the mixed fry of the lagoon with moeche and schie.

Flora | Cucina, Bottega, Vino (VE) — Veneto Secrets
Flora | Cucina, Bottega, Vino (VE) — Veneto Secrets

This is where Renato’s ten-year experience comes into play: not only in perfect cooking but above all in the choice of suppliers such as the fisherman who provides fresh fish from the lagoon, Marco Bozzato, expert in spontaneous herbs and algae of the Venetian territory, up to the farmers who every Monday morning they supply the Jesolo Paese market.

A special mention goes to the vegetarian proposals on the menu, as original as they are tasty, such as grilled cauliflower rose with vegetable flavors or organic egg from the Dolomites, spinach and licorice.

The cocktails are excellent; absolutely must try the creative ones such as, among the signature ones, Flora in Wonderland based on Illusionist gin, mezcal, red fruit juice, lime, agave served with decoration inspired by the book Alice in Wonderland that changes color when poured. Aperitifs and cocktails are accompanied by a wide selection of finger foods, such as Venetian cicchetti, Nordic cicchetti and Renato’s leavened products, including his delicious focaccias.

Flora | Cucina, Bottega, Vino (VE) — Veneto Secrets

The selection of wines is also excellent, in particular sparkling wines and whites such as Champagne, Franciacorta, Trento DOC, and small wineries from lesser-known Italian regions.

Flora is really special, because it is a place that you really get attached to, adapting to our mood and the seasons.

The Secret

Everything has changed from the very traditional style of the Alfredo Restaurant, but the Manfrè family wanted to keep track of continuity with the past. So they chose to leave the old ceiling intact, with beautiful floral stucco decorations, a sign of the time that symbolically unites Alfredo and Renato, two great, passionate restaurateurs.

Useful Info

Largo Tempini 13
30016 Jesolo, Venezia
Tel. +39 0421 578858

Row fish plates: from 22 euro
Starters: 16 — 25 euro
First courses: 18 — 22 euro
Second courses: 22 — 25 euro
Cocktails: from 8 euro

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