Estro (VE)

by Clara Galanti
Estro (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Estro is a bistro & wine store that combines the atmosphere of a traditional Venetian bacaro (wine-bar) with the allure of a design restaurant that enhance the territory.

In the Frari area, the Spezzamonte brothers have combined their mutual passions and skills in a truly unique venue in the Venetian panorama: Dario mainly dealing with hospitality and the wine selection whilst Alberto, after years of experience as technical director of shows and events, exploited his “staging” skills to bring an explosion of “Venetianness” to the table.

The venue combines design and craftsmanship: the furnishings were, in fact, entirely made ad hoc by Venetian artists: the glasses were lamp-blown by the young Elia Toffolo, the lamps by the Murano glass masters Mattia and Marco Salvadore, while the wall structures, in wood and steel, were mostly created with recycled materials by Mauro Pasqualin.

Estro (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Eclectic and versatile in its offering, Estro offers more than 700 natural, organic and biodynamic, wine labels from all over the world to choose from.

The menu ranges from traditional Venetian fish starters to meat from the renowned Damini Macelleria, with one common denominator: the use of the highest quality regional products. Very attentive and passionate about local culture, Alberto and Dario research and propose all the best of the Venetian food and wine offer, from the first fruits coming from Sant’Erasmo to the Girani coffee, the oldest roasting company on the island.

Dario and Alberto deserve great credit for having managed to maintain the welcoming atmosphere of a traditional bacaro by translating it into a contemporary restaurant with an international mood.

The Secret

Most of the furniture are recycled and Made in Venice: the tables in the entrance, for instance, were made from briccole (wooden poles tied together and stuck into the seabed, typical of Venice) found in the lagoon and cut in half, while the beautiful bar counter was created with balconies from ancient buildings on the Grand Canal.

Useful Info

Dorsoduro 3778
30123 Venezia
Tel. +39 041 4764914

Starters: from 20 euro
First courses: 19 euro
Second courses: 28 euro
Tasting menus: from 45 euro

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