Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI) — Veneto Secrets

In Altavilla Vicentina, a design oasis, unique in Vicenza, dedicated to the most renowned food and wine products which includes a "library" divided by type of wine and region and a well-stocked shop with gourmand bistro.

Enoè was born in December 2021 to share with other enthusiasts the journey around the world of Riccardo and his wife Giulia to discover the stories, aromas and flavors that they have collected over the years until they decided to enclose them all in their dream gastronomic wine shop.

For Riccardo it is a love that began at an early age thanks to the family business, Tin Beer, a drinks distribution company, and which he continued to refine over time, first by researching special wines, then slowly becoming passionate about cooking and best products from each territory.

Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI) — Veneto Secrets
Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI) — Veneto Secrets

We dreamed of a place, a wine shop in Vicenza, for all people who love to eat and drink well, a meeting point for wine enthusiasts and beyond.

(Riccardo & Giulia, owners)

A research that is based on a profound respect for nature and its cycles, preferring the search for suppliers who establish a relationship of reciprocity and sustainability with it, and on the desire to share this passion not only through sales but also through training.

To do this, Riccardo and Giulia have created a real team of “experts” who welcome guests into the shop, just like in the past, ready to advise, taste and entertain the palate. Starting from the director Cristian Baratella, up to the sommelier Alessandro Trivella and the chef Francesca Regaiolo, both with previous experience with the 3 Michelin star chef Enrico Bartolini.

Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI) — Veneto Secrets

At Enoè you can buy important vintages, but also have fun with unique tastings such as sparkling sake paired with canned row fish designed by Moreno Cedroni or a selection of récoltant manipulant champagnes, i.e. winemakers who produce their champagnes only with proprietary single-varietal grapes, to accompany with Upstream salmon by Claudio Cerati.

While in the kitchen, Francesca visits suppliers every week to create a menu that she creates based on the first fruits and seasonal availability, from Damini‘s meats and fish from Pescheria Da Grazia, to the local fruit and vegetable markets.

Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI) — Veneto Secrets
Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI) — Veneto Secrets

From crispy leavened products with an exclusive Fattore F recipe to the selection of Damini meats, salmon or trout, from fusilloni pasta with anchovies and cauliflower cream to tartare or beef goulash, each dish is designed to enhance the noblest raw material.

To make the culinary experience even more intense, the interior design is also designed in a “food and wine” key. Like the lowered arches typical of the vaults of the ancient wine cellars, the oak that refers to the barrels, the green hue and the rough iron texture. Right down to the details, such as the napkin holders made from cut champagne bottles and the flower holders obtained from wooden boxes.

Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI) — Veneto Secrets

Open from lunch to dinner (closing at 10pm), it is ideal for both a business meeting and a charming aperitif in the evening, when as the lights go down the place takes on a more intimate and hushed atmosphere enhanced by the warmth of the shelves full of bottles and products that invite you to taste them.

Enoè is also a point of reference in the region for themed evenings, meetings with producers, tastings, visits to the cellar, and introductory and in-depth courses (just follow the wine shop’s social networks to stay updated on the latest events).

Enoè Enoteca Gastronomica (VI) — Veneto Secrets

Furthermore, the venue offers training courses and many services for companies, from the tastiest personalized gift ideas to a personal sommelier service up to and themed events.

Enoè is a place where you can really trust for advice or a culinary treat, confident that what you will taste has been chosen with your mind and a lot of heart.

The Secret

Cristian, in addition to being the director of Enoè, is also a talented craftsman who has personally created many objects in the restaurant, from the wooden tables to the napkin holders up to the beautiful champagne bottle lamp holders which can also be purchased at the shop.

Useful Info

Via Chiesetta Vecchia 12
36077 Altavilla vicentina, Vicenza
Tel. +39 347 8823430

Tapas and cured meat selections: from 10 euro
First courses: from 12 euro
Second courses: from 15 euro

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