Dolada Boutique Hotel & Ristorante (BL)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Dolada Boutique Hotel & Ristorante (BL) — Veneto Secrets

Located in a panoramic point in Plois di Pieve d'Alpago overviewing Lake Santa Croce, Dolada boutique hotel, with over 100 years of history and the oldest Michelin-star restaurant in Italy, has inaugurated 3 new suites, among centenary woods and fab gourmet treats.

The feeling, when you arrive at Dolàda, is that of never wanting to leave: it will be for the view of the wonderful valley, the welcoming atmosphere typical of mountain villages, even if we are only 45 minutes from Treviso and half an hour from Belluno, or the scent of freshly baked bread that warms the hearts up.

Precisely to offer his guests the opportunity to experience this enchanted world to the fullest, Riccardo De Prà, the chef who together with his family has been at the helm of the famous hotel and restaurant since 1921, the year of its foundation at the foot of Monte Dolàda, gave life to 3 new suites, launched in summer 2023, which complete the property’s offering.

Dolada Boutique Hotel & Ristorante (BL) — Veneto Secrets
Dolada Boutique Hotel & Ristorante (BL) — Veneto Secrets

The idea was born from love at first sight for the wood of an ancient beech tree, from there I started building the new suites that combine contemporary design with the “warmth” and comforts typical of our mountains.

(Riccardo De Prà, chef)

It all started when Riccardo, a 1 Michelin star chef who rose up to the international gastronomic scene for having enchanted even Queen Elizabeth with his carbonara pasta, fell in love with an enormous beech tree. Such beautiful wood, indeed “the most beautiful he had ever seen”, that the chef-carpenter decided to use it to create the headboard of the bed in one of the hotel rooms.

From here it was a short step to completely transforming some of them into 3 “ultra sexy” suites. Helped by other artisan companies, such as a company in Verona for marble and Twils in Cessalto for leather and upholstery, Riccardo has created original spaces characterized by breathtaking views, cosy fireplaces and enormous marble bathrooms with stand-alone tubs, perfect for a romantic aperitif.

Dolada Boutique Hotel & Ristorante (BL) — Veneto Secrets

The Onice Rosa suite is wonderful, with a bathtub set in the bow window overlooking Lake Santa Croce, probably one of the most beautiful hydromassages in the Veneto, as is the Verde Alpi, in green and Carrara marble with a spectacular bathroom positioned in the center of the room.

A true spectacle, which is definitely worth a trip, is the breakfast, obviously gourmet and served in the room in the unique way of chef Riccardo. A triumph of the products that the De Prà family grows in the 40 hectares of the Doladino farm and which also supplies the Dolàda 1921 restaurant: from the eggs of their hens served with fresh truffles, to the homemade bread and cakes made with the ancient grains, right down to the cured meats, honey and jams prepared by father Enzo and mother Rossana, accompanied by a nice glass of Champagne, to start the day in the best possible way.

Dolada Boutique Hotel & Ristorante (BL) — Veneto Secrets
Dolada Boutique Hotel & Ristorante (BL) — Veneto Secrets

And for a “night to remember”, in each room there is a small private bar where you can find the recipes of Riccardo’s favorite cocktails, accompanied by a refined selection of spirits, tonics and botanicals from the Doladino farm.

The perfect experience? Book the Onice Rosa suite, the table overlooking Lake Santa Croce for dinner and, the next morning, go shopping for the products of the Doladino farm in the small shop, before setting off to discover Alpago and nearby Cansiglio.

The Secret

The rooms, as well as the restaurant, are enriched with pieces of art and design discovered by Riccardo in his travels, from the Pistillo lamp designed by Studio Tetrarch for Valenti Luce in the 1970s to his collection of porcelain plates purchased around the world.

Useful Info

Via Dolada 21
32010 Plois di Pieve d’Alpago, Belluno
Tel. +39 0437 479141

Rooms: from 250 euro with breakfast included

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