DA-DA’ caffè & tavola calda (TV)

by Clara Galanti
DA-DA’ caffè & tavola calda (TV) — Veneto Secrets

A charming bistro inspired by 1950s gourmet diners, DA-DA' is the new creature of Kama Michel Angela Pompavat, the former soul of Le Cementine and consultant to the Alajmo brothers for Toulà in Cortina, who gave life here to her international dream.

Since the 1940s, the restaurant in via Cesare Battisti, overlooking the market square of Mogliano, has always been a point of reference for city life, first managed directly by Angela’s mother and aunt, and then given under management. Until when, in February 2023, Angela, flanked by her brother Daniele, decides to give life to her personal project, thanks to her passion for American diners (she is born in Long Beach in the US), and the charming atmospheres typical of Parisians bistros.

In DA-DA’ Angela has concentrated the fruit of the many experiences lived over the years. From the long collaboration with H-Farm in Roncade, where she was the dea ex machina of Le Cementine and La Serra, then taken over by Max and Raf Alajmo with whom she collaborated for the opening of Alajmo Cortina, until the creation of Panisfizio in Jesolo of the master of gourmet pizza Orlando Bortolami.

DA-DA’ caffè & tavola calda (TV) — Veneto Secrets
DA-DA’ caffè & tavola calda (TV) — Veneto Secrets

With DA-DA’ I wanted my creative research, the result of many international experiences, to be shared with everyone, to give my clients always new emotions.

(Angela, owner)

A creative passion, that of Angela, which goes from the research of the concept to the interior staging, with a happy spirit of contamination that translates into choices devoted to excellence. This is how DA-DA’ was born, a place that is above all “home”, an informal space where you can take refuge from morning to evening among vintage-style furniture and brocanterie founded in flea markets and “grandmother’s attics”.

The splendid details are for true connoisseurs: such as the floral wallpaper, discovered by chance in an old tapestry, the 1950s tables, made to a design by Angela by Gagno Officina Fabbrile, and the floor in hexagonal tiles, all unique pieces recovered from an old barracks in Tuscany. The protagonist of the restaurant, which was entirely designed by Angela with the support of the Zaa Architetti Associati studio, is a beautiful wooden counter that houses a collection of picnic baskets, surrounded by refined mint green boiserie and large windows that invite the eye to get lost in the cheerful comings and goings of the facing market.

DA-DA’ caffè & tavola calda (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Every object here is “alive”, called for use and not just for decoration, from the glass collections to the pewter plates and bowls, used in a refined mise-en-place that changes according to the inspiration of the moment.

The “sixth element”, which makes the place even more special, is music, another passion of Angela and Daniele, and the theme of a constant search that starts from French, Irish or international folk, to arrive at soft jazz sounds.

The menu follows the same meticulous research approach, starting with fresh products, purchased daily at the local market, or recovered from selected suppliers such as, for example, bread made only with special flours and leavenings that guarantee the unbeatable lightness of sandwiches and toasts.

DA-DA’ caffè & tavola calda (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The undisputed king of the menu are the griddled recipes, ennobled by the use of excellent ingredients, to give customers a “fast-food” experience in the purest sense of the term. Quick, light and genuine foods, such as the delicious club sandwiches, the sweet or savory crêpes, or the most popular dish of the house: eggs and bacon. Not to be missed, the weekly appointment with the Sunday Brunch, a real joy for the eyes and for the palate.

And in the summer, you can eat outside in the nice outdoor area with wooden benches and big cushions, and it will soon be ready, on the upper floor, a large terrace just perfect for lunches, aperitifs and after dinner events with live music happily organized, ça va sans dire, by Angela and Daniele to entertain their guests.

The Secret

The DA-DA’ logos shown on the windows are a small piece of art, handmade by The Stephani, an illustrator from Brescia who specializes in vintage lettering.

Useful Info

DA-DA’ caffè & tavola calda
Via Cesare Battisti 12
31021 Mogliano Veneto, Treviso
Tel. +390418654702

Hamburgers: 13 euro
Sandwiches: 4,50 — 9,50 euro
Club sandwiches: 9,50 — 14 euro
Salads: 6 — 12 euro

Brunch: from 15 euro (or à la carte)

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