Corte di Gabriela (VE)

by Clara Galanti
Corte di Gabriela (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Between Rialto and San Marco, the eco-boutique hotel combines the charm of ancient Venetian residences with contemporary art, offering its guests a luxuriant secret garden where the ritual of breakfast becomes a gourmet treat.

Inside a historic residence that keeps all its noble charm intact, Corte di Gabriela is a refuge for those looking for a truly special place for their stay in the lagoon. The building has a long history, in fact it was inhabited for centuries by important Venetian families until 2010, when Gabriella and Gian Luca fell in love with it and decided to buy it to transform it into something unique.

Gian Luca, with a past as a restaurateur in Brianza and a visionary soul, began an ambitious renovation project in 2012 that focuses on his great love for Venice, deciding to carry out all the works in a totally sustainable way and bringing back all the original beauty of the building that now houses the charming hotel.

Corte di Gabriela (VE) — Veneto Secrets
Corte di Gabriela (VE) — Veneto Secrets

I take care of every detail to offer my guests an authentically Venetian and completely sustainable stay, to try to protect the fragility of this splendid city.

(Gian Luca Lorenzet, owner)

The interior is a fascinating mix of period elements and design furnishings that give great personality and modernity to the historical environments; as in the main floor of the building which houses a lounge bar where you can have an aperitif or read a book, the scene of exhibitions of local artists and artisans.

A focus on Venice that also translates into an innovative water recovery and purification system, designed not to pollute the city’s canals, a completely plastic-free supply chain that involves the recycling of everything – even the amenities by Fragrart are in recycled plastic – and the use of products with a very short supply chain, where possible Made in Venice. Characteristics that make Corte di Gabriela certainly one of the most sustainable and respectful hotels of the precious lagoon fragility.

Corte di Gabriela (VE) — Veneto Secrets

The hotel has 10 rooms and 1 deluxe suite with separate entrance, which offer guests moments of pure magic among frescoed ceilings, precious Venetian seminato floors and all kinds of courtesy products, such as the scent by C.O. Bigelow or the fragrant biscuits homemade by Gian Luca. Furthermore, guests can choose between 3 types of pillows and sheets: satin, cotton and linen, and in Beltrami wood fiber, which is also found in the very soft sponges.

The coup de théâtre is undoubtedly the “secret” garden of the hotel protected by lush green plants and an extraordinary wisteria that covers the pergola, beautiful in every season. Here, in the morning, Gian Luca prepares his extraordinary breakfasts: real rituals that begin with an amuse bouche at the table, which changes according to the chef’s inspiration and the best raw materials available, and then continue with all sorts of delicacies like the crêpes with homemade jam or the fabulous eggs with caviar.

Corte di Gabriela (VE) — Veneto Secrets

The internal buffet, obtained from an old Giudecca carpenter’s plane, is reminiscent of a high-end pastry shop with freshly baked cakes and homemade pastries and, for those who love savory foods, a wide selection of products DOP, such as Asiago cheese, artisanal cured meat, or comb honey from Alto Adige.

Among the many special services designed for his guests, Gian Luca has also created the To Be Venice app which allows you to customize your experience by choosing from the best addresses in Venice: carefully selected museums, restaurants, and boutiques within walking distance thanks to a handy geolocation.

The Secret

Just like at home, Gian Luca loves preparing coffee for his guests using the iconic Bialetti moka, now an integral part of the morning breakfast ritual, with a particular blend of Arabica produced by Caffè Girani, the only artisan roastery left in the city. This passion has led him over the years to collect dozens of moke pots of every color and size which, at the end of the service, are displayed on a special shelf in the kitchen.

Useful Info

Corte di Gabriela
San Marco 3836
30124 Venezia
Tel. +39 041 5235077

Rooms from 200 euros per night
(indicative prices subject to availability and seasonal promotions)

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