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Cantina Quintarelli (VR)

by Clara Galanti
Cantina Quintarelli (VR) — Veneto Secrets

Nestling among the Valpolicella vineyards, the Quintarelli Winery represents the history of the fine red wines that have made this area near Verona so popular, like the Amarone wine has done. As all the “big” who do not need any introduction, the Quintarelli family carries forward the noble work of their grandparents, Giuseppe “Bepi” and Franca, with dedication and discretion. There is almost no indication to reach the Winery, nor a company website, as to protect an intimate and still magically familiar dimension.

Surrounded by a valley where the estate rows extend, the Winery, renovated in 2014, is a small jewel of design. The Winery is an exciting journey through the history of the Quintarelli family, located inside a family house where all the steps of transformation of the grapes into excellent wines take place. In the Sixties the grandfather Giuseppe, a producer of wine for the American market, started a niche production of bottled wines made only with the best grapes, earning the first international awards.

Cantina Quintarelli (VR) — Veneto Secrets

On the upper floor of the building there is the drying area where, from September to January depending on the wine, the fragrant bunches of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella rest lying in wooden boxes, trellises or hanging braids “as it once was”. From the best grapes, after eight years of aging, the famous Amarone by Quintarelli is born and only from the exceptional years, after ten years of aging, the precious Reserve come to life.

The lower floor is an ode to quality and tradition, including elegant barrels, vintage bottles and intense family portraits decorating the walls. The fascinating journey goes on through oval barrels, desired by Bepi to optimize the storage space, and the classic roundish, finally leading to the most authentic heart of the cellar: the tasting room. Left deliberately identical over time, the small room keeps an alchemical charm. Here Francesco, Bepi’s nephew, usually runs the wine tasting experiences, a “must do” to appreciate the Winery amazing products.

The Secret

The first Quintarelli labels were handwritten by Giorgio Gioco, the famous chef and owner of the 12 Apostoli, the restaurant in the heart of Verona that has made the history of enogastronomy in Verona. Besides this elegant calligraphic signature, the most important wines, such as the Riserva ones, are also numbered by hand as precious collector’s treasures.

Useful Info

Cantina Quintarelli
Via Cerè 1
37024 Negrar, Verona
Tel. +39 045 750 0016

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